Hello, welcome to a piece of Malaysia

A piece of Malaysia features the stories behind local brands, products, services, talents and causes that stand for the support local initiative.

Hopefully through their stories you will be inspired to break your routine. Instead of eating at an international fast food chain, eat at your local mamak stall; instead of buying an international label, support your local brand; instead of watching another Hollywood film, make it a point to watch a local production.

So come on board to listen to their stories.
By supporting our local industries, we are in turn supporting the country we love.


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THE #JomSupportLocalLah CAMPAIGN

Kopi O Over Americano.

There are many things that makes us who we are, and things that you’ll never find anywhere else in the world. From the food, to the language, to our culture. It’s what makes us unique and it’s what makes Malaysia so special.

This Merdeka let’s celebrate what we love about Malaysia. Join us in this #Jomsupportlocallah campaign and share with the nation what you love about Malaysia and let’s consciously support our local industry.

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A piece of Malaysia

Giffy & Co

Amidst the MCO, Malaysians, expats and tourists from all walks of life were caught by a pleasant surprise as they were given a Rose or a Gerbera, by a group of young Malaysians in pink “Giffy” Shirts, holding huge white balloons and pushing a pink trolley full of flowers along the streets of Bukit Bintang.  … Continue reading Giffy & Co


A local artist with Siamese heritage, is an art lover that dives into making crafts art in her free time.  Doubling as a well traveled person, she has witnessed how creative handmade jewellery can be a fun, self-sustaining endeavour in various other countries. After some searching, along with trial and error, Nitchanan discovered the independent … Continue reading Nitchanan_Art

B Lokal

Online reviews and blogs have become an important source that allow consumers to search for detailed and reliable information by sharing past experiences. Given such recognition, the idea to start B Lokal was mounted when my business partner, Adam and I were having our afternoon tea on a working Sunday, challenging our minds on what … Continue reading B Lokal


For 50 years, Mamee has remained close to the hearts of all Malaysians, with childhood memories spanning across generations anchored on the humble backstory of villagers in rural areas eating noodles straight out of the packet. It was no instant success nevertheless. Originally named “Lucky” back in 1970, the first product launched in the instant … Continue reading Mamee

Quan Dog Treats

Quăn Dog Treats was started out of passion and love for our dogs and what goes into their mouth and bellies. When shopping for dog treats, we found that the market was traditionally focused on heavily processed and artificially flavored treats to ensure a long use-by date. We didn’t want that for our pets. While … Continue reading Quan Dog Treats


Vechnology comes from the name of “Vending Technology” and it reflects our ability as a first mover of home-grown OEM vending machine assembler in Southeast Asia who focuses on providing IoT, SaaS solutions and mechanical design for handling consumer-packaged goods and industrial tools, with a goal to innovate the conventional vending machines in Malaysia. It … Continue reading Vechnology


Keldai is known with their parody-ness , combining all of the ideas and fusion references between vintage cartoons and Malaysian pop culture as it is easy to cross with unique international brands and icons. Let me introduce myself. Im Shawnalyzer, personally im a digital artist/collector. I started this brand with selling vintage toys back in … Continue reading Keldai


BentukBentuk® was founded in April 2016 as a result from our love and interest of making things from scratch. It was pivoted from being a desire to own a concrete planter, making the pieces ourselves then turned it into a business that is so dear and close to our heart after countless and months of … Continue reading BentukBentuk


It was raining softly at Bukit Larut Taiping one late afternoon in 2012. I quickly called out to my children to walk quickly before it started to pour. Feeling panicky, my son pulled my shirt and I fell forward. Cracked I heard glasses cracked. I just realised when I fell, my SLR camera lens broken … Continue reading Solewell


NITA is a cosmetics brand with a wide range of affordable & hypoallergenic makeup products. Ranging from lipsticks to foundation, we have over 100 products to choose from since our inception in 2017. Suited for multiple skin tones that represent our diversity, we make everyone feel right at home. Inspired by illustrations and comic books, … Continue reading NITA


It all started with humble beginnings,  OpenMinds came to life with a big idea and no income and has since brought forth a business specializing in digital marketing technology and consultancy. For the longest time, OpenMinds has been passionate about education, so we have constantly been active in the university and startup scene in Malaysia, … Continue reading OpenAcademy

Nyonya Kain

Nyonya Kain brings to you the latest textiles, batik fashion clothing as well as handmade accessories for all. We practice a zero waste concept where we ensure every piece of fabric is fully utilized into all our products such as lanyards, wallets, pouches, tissue holders, twilly scarves, scrunchies and many more. We aim to bring back … Continue reading Nyonya Kain


WORQ was founded in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur as one of the first large format coworking spaces in the Klang Valley, focused especially on creating a productivity community for Malaysian entrepreneurs, startup founders, micro, SME, Freelancers and even Malaysia’s own listed companies. Started by two Malaysians, Stephanie Ping and Andrew Yeow with the vision of … Continue reading WORQ

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop started as a dream to make genuinely fresh ice cream for Malaysians. The brainchild of Edmund Tan and his wife, Lim Shiew Li, Inside Scoop was inspired by their love for ice cream and for wanting to create happy memories. This started when both of them noticed a gap in the premium ice … Continue reading Inside Scoop

Kantan Kitchen

It is all started from the joy of enjoying cooking for family, neighbours, and friends. Kantan Kitchen then was born. From the recipes that were just simply been attempted for their own taste and suddenly was led to an idea of fusion the multiracial Malaysian into it! Curry… Malaysian most favourite dish. When mentioning curry, … Continue reading Kantan Kitchen


We had the initial idea to come up with the brand because when I went to NY,  I noticed that most of their drugstore brands are sold at low price without compromising the quality. I thought of creating something similar for Malaysia and at that time, Kylie Lip Kit was just launched. It was only … Continue reading SO.LEK

Sridewi Batik

Sridewi Batik is for elegant ladies out there to look more sophisticated in any official or non official occasions. The brand was established in September 2019 by Amira. While she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age, she thought about what she really wanted to pursue in life. She decided to open … Continue reading Sridewi Batik

For someone Isti-mewa

Isti-mewa wishes to foster Malaysia’s rich traditional cultures in everyday modern life, through handmade crafts that are adapted into contemporary fashion pieces – using traditional fabrics such as Batik. Isti-mewa; which means special in Malay, represents the uniqueness of every piece that is being created. Every piece is crafted with a purpose that resonates individual … Continue reading For someone Isti-mewa


For Oxwhite, it all started with a quest to perfect a tailored white shirt. We wanted to make a quality piece tailored to the Asian physique — and most importantly, that wouldn’t break the bank. The confidence you get from that perfect fit shouldn’t be expensive. Since 2018, our dream has been to help Malaysians … Continue reading Oxwhite

Rhymba Hills

Rhymba Hills® tea was founded in 2014 due to the founder’s health issues which plagued her due to her stressful lifestyle. She was overweight, suffered from low self-esteem and wanted to turn to natural lifestyle to overcome these. She realised that the market lacked local herbal infusion which are aromatic, tasty and also sugar free … Continue reading Rhymba Hills

ONE® Condoms Malaysia

HIV is remains amongst the deadliest diseases affecting people across the globe today. According to the latest statistics provided by the Malaysian AIDS Council, over 80% of new HIV infections occur by way of sexual transmission and almost 45% of all new HIV transmissions involve persons under the age of 30. These statistics are a … Continue reading ONE® Condoms Malaysia

Idolci Gelato

The personality behind Idolci Gelato, Gigi Teoh has been making Traditional Ice Cream in Malaysia since 2002 and probably the first Malaysian Gelato chef at that time. Back then, Gigi embarked on a journey to Italy to master and improve the art of perfecting gelato recipes. Before receiving her true calling in Gelato (Italian word … Continue reading Idolci Gelato

Tale Socks

Let us tell you the tale behind the Tale Socks. Our long and colorful journey started in November 2019, when a young entrepreneur set out to explore the world. He searched for five years and developed the perfect combination of style, quality, and comfort in a design as unique as you. Socks are not just … Continue reading Tale Socks


Est. 2004, BROS started by selling single-coloured water bottles, but we believed that reusable water bottles can do much more. A year later, we had an idea to print fun designs and inspiring messages onto our bottles, transforming this daily necessity into an accessory of style. We pushed the limit of traditional canvas and transformed … Continue reading BROS

JidKay Artworks

Like most Sydneysiders, I was eager to see the city’s most talked about building, the iconic Opera House. I was in University then, studying fine arts and design in Sydney. The Opera House was a spectacular sight the minute I saw it ! It captivated me to a point I just had to buy souvenirs of the … Continue reading JidKay Artworks

The Venopian Solitude

The Venopian Solitude started when Taka was kicked out of a cover band. The band is a collective of people who were at some point were kicked out of their previous band. While being outcasts doesn’t mean much for Malaysia, our music probably does. It is a rojak of genres, jumping from hip hop, to … Continue reading The Venopian Solitude


RIUH was founded in August 2017 to champion local products, arts, culture and talents. Think of it as a place where all things local are lifted up and celebrated, from products, food, music and art. At the time, there was a missing link in the creative ecosystem–an all-in-one consistent platform to champion all things local. … Continue reading RIUH

Biji Biji

Realizing the influence a fashion brand can bring to social and environmental issues, Biji Biji aims to raise the bar through our commitment to sustainable and ethical standards in Malaysia. Disrupting the typical manufacturing process and encouraging a circular economy with a refreshing take on up-cycled materials. Fast-changing trends drive wastefulness to an all-time high … Continue reading Biji Biji


GoCar Malaysia is a homegrown on-demand car-sharing platform that allows you to book a car by the hour or day via the GoCar app. We started with 5 cars in Klang Valley in 2015 with two simple notions — to make booking a car easier and car-sharing as an alternative to car ownership in Malaysia. … Continue reading GoCar


Effortless is a Malaysian platform that connects certified beauty professionals with customers who want to look and feel amazing – anytime, anywhere.  We help skilled Malaysian women in the beauty industry by empowering them with job opportunities. Malaysia freelancing market is growing due to increasing expectations of flexible work environment, to take care of family needs … Continue reading Effortless


iCOMMUNITY was started in 2017 when the founder, Gan noticed that many young entrepreneurs fail in their business as they have no one to talk to whenever they’re facing business challenges. Gan saw how the education system is not designed to produce entrepreneurs, where the application of knowledge is far more important than memorising theories. … Continue reading iCOMMUNITY


Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Cloakwork is a multidisciplinary creative who works as a graffiti artist as well as an illustrator. He has been painting around the globe for 10 years, with work consisting of both, small and large scale. his style is quirky, fun and colourful! Being a rebel, picking up spray cans as his creative … Continue reading Cloakwork

Barkery Oven

Barkery Oven is an artisanal pet bakery founded in 2011 that focuses on creating healthy and yummy treats for dogs. We added a range for cats in 2019. We are proud to call ourselves Buatan Malaysia and have dreams to get our range of pet treats to as many homes as possible.  My name is … Continue reading Barkery Oven

The Optimist Co.

The Optimist was founded with a simple aim, to spread optimism with good coffee. In December 2014, The Optimist Coffee was established and the first outlet is located at Ampang Park LRT station. A humble coffee kiosk with the aim to to serve Good Coffee with Good Vibes. We are glad that the public in … Continue reading The Optimist Co.

Table & Apron

At Table & Apron, our mission is simple: an aspiration to become your favourite restaurant. We strive to capture the soul of being part of a community as a restaurant. That starts with making genuine hospitality paramount & present in the way we served guests, and cooking with intention & instinct, yet with restraint & … Continue reading Table & Apron


Langit’s story started with the four founders who worked as rural community organisers. They travelled extensively in rural areas building gravity-fed-water systems for rural communities in Sabah and Sarawak. While they were executing a project in the Lawas Highlands of Sarawak, their stay with the local host family grew into a familial bond. They were … Continue reading Langit


It started with a love story and a love for flowers. This blossomed into a flourishing business that is BloomThis. Together, our founders sought a way to disrupt the florist industry by introducing the elements of e-commerce and a personalized delivery service. Our MissionFlowers are more than just pretty things. They are memories, emotions and … Continue reading BloomThis


In October 2014, VMO (https://www.vmo.rocks) went live with 60 venue & service listings. We dreamt that we would start an evolution of how events could be planned online. VMO would make it easier for people to search for a venue and then add on service providers to it. Our initial target market of hotels did … Continue reading VMO

Mu Soy Sauce

Mu Soy Sauce , a third generation recipe with modern twist . The real handmade soy sauce from quality ingredients with traditional method, natural fermented for 90 days and above. No added flavour enhancer , preservative, yeast extract. Simple natural tasty as it is . We spend adequate amount of R&D time to bring different … Continue reading Mu Soy Sauce


Our story begins with a mom who loves to create goodies for her little girl. With a curious mind, a passion to create and an appreciation for food she founded Kintry and the rest, as they say, is tasty. Kintry is a homegrown Malaysian Snack Company which aims to create healthy snacks from scratch. Made … Continue reading Kintry

Colour your world

ColorMy was started in 2015 by the KL-based creative agency HERE Local. The project came about as a result of a desire to find a new and unique way to express our love for Malaysia while featuring homegrown creatives. Coloring has become a well-recognized tool for people of all ages to destress and utilize their … Continue reading Colour your world

Kantin Lab

Kantin Lab = Malaysia’s 1ST & ONLY Salted Egg Crinkle Cut Potato Chips It all started when 1 of the founder realized that he can’t find a salted egg snack product that can satisfy his cravings. Sure there are ones that’s pretty good from his neighbouring country, but as a proud Malaysian we want to … Continue reading Kantin Lab

Spooky Wet Dreams

When we started this band, we knew that we were heading into a, rather complicated direction. We didn’t do it because of the ‘dream’ of becoming famous, orang kita kata ‘glamer’, like how it was sold to us through MTV and entertainment magazines. Malaysia is a bit different in the creative landscape and with a … Continue reading Spooky Wet Dreams

Kedai Suza

I am Izzati Suza, I call myself an artist & Kedai Suza is my own merchandise shop. I lived in Labuan, Melaka, Terengganu & Ipoh. I am indeed, A Piece of Malaysia. I love the idea of simplicity & humour in sending messages and I have been making simple merchandises like stickers & badges as … Continue reading Kedai Suza


Lilin+Co was created in 2016 as a daily luxury lifestyle for Malaysians to indulge in without breaking the bank. We aim to fill a gap in the local market for quality soy candles that are eco-friendly and accessible. As makers and a small business, we want to tell Malaysians that a Malaysian made product assembled … Continue reading Lilin+Co

Salang Design

Salang Design illustrates the subtly and unique things about being a Malaysian into nifty embroidery iron-on patches!   The diverse culture and heritage has always been what we Malaysians are proud for.  We always believe design as expression and we seek to explore new ways of translating our culture, attitudes and traditions to the world … Continue reading Salang Design


Malaysia has a great culture, but I feel like it is highly under-represented and unknown to the world. Unlike our counterpart Singapore who has down an amazing job promoting their culture, Malaysia’s marketing with our own identity seems lacklustre. It is not that Malaysians are not appreciative of our own culture- in fact we live … Continue reading Jacktus

Rimba The Card Game

RIMBA is really about family and friends spending time playing simple games together, telling stories and building a connection to our natural heritage. The cards were a way for us to connect our urban and rural landscapes through the use of both Bahasa Malaysia and English. We also spent time in making the cards color … Continue reading Rimba The Card Game

Story of Bingka

Initially we started as a fashion brand wanting to bring batik to the masses, but the production was too tedious and we were not familiar with batik making. We knew we wanted to tell the stories behind malaysian culture without it being too gimmicky and blatant. And that’s how we came up with Bingka. No … Continue reading Story of Bingka

What if you can wear the change?

INKAA is a collaborative effort with grassroots organisations and artisans in Malaysia, and specialises in handmade batik and mengkuang-based products. We strive to create beautiful products, while promoting more understanding and communication between our customers and the people we work with. It is a brand that celebrates people, and appreciates the power of storytelling (fun … Continue reading What if you can wear the change?

Moox Malaysia

In August 2016, sisters: Isliana and Maslina ISMAIL reestablished NOOX Malaysia with the aim of creating, producing and marketing children’s products that are great for playing at home during family game time, occupying children in the car when traveling, while waiting at a doctor’s office, or anywhere else you want or need some battery-free fun.November … Continue reading Moox Malaysia

The Alwis & Xavier Story

Being a part of the local community has always been near and dear to our hearts, andsupporting local artisans and products has been the way to go for us. Hence it was nosurprise that we too wanted to find a way to contribute and represent our country with a product that we could proudly claim … Continue reading The Alwis & Xavier Story

Play For Unity

Rojak Culture brings Malaysians together to celebrate our Malaysian-ness through play. As Malaysians we have so much in common and we endeavor to prompt conversations, cultural curiosity and fun shared experiences that highlight all things that make us unique as Malaysians. To pursue our vision we developed The Lepak Game, a simple word-matching, persuasive party … Continue reading Play For Unity

Bike Bear?

Yup, the name is Bike Bear. The bear on the bike is a Malayan Sun Bear and her name is actually Isabella (Is a Bear La) inspired by our local rock legend Search. We started Bike Bear in 2013 as a simple web design agency and all we wanted to do was to put Malaysian … Continue reading Bike Bear?

The Gentlemen’s Bar

The Gentlemen’s Bar is a men’s accessory brand founded by Fei. Established in 2016, the idea of accessorizing for the suiting crowd is the realization of her lifelong passion for men’s fashion. She credits her appreciation for the sartorial side of a men’s wardrobe to her seamstress mum, Fun. Growing up, she had plenty of … Continue reading The Gentlemen’s Bar

About Hornbill Time & Wear

Hornbill Time & Wear creates timeless batik goods – inspired through our love forMalaysian art, culture and heritage. We aim to reinvent the way we wear batik by making it accessible through accessories such as socks and watches! Our unique one-of-a-kind pieces are the perfect standout statement wears – Allowing you to showcase your culture … Continue reading About Hornbill Time & Wear


In the likes of this unprecedented conditions we are facing, it is severely important for everyone to remain persistent and strong in combatting this pandemic. Given that the economy is in the possible brink of heading downhill, businesses especially SMEs are likely to be greatly affected due to this pandemic. As a fairly new established … Continue reading LOKO

A Story of Suri Treasures

Untuk wanita yang punya karya. Jangan mudah menyerah. Jika hari ini tiada mata yang memandang terhadap hasil karya mu, jangan kecewa. Jika hari ini bukan rezeki dan esok juga tidak menjanjikan apa – apa. Tetaplah bangkit, senyum dan terus tersenyum. Dipijak, ditiru dan diejek senyumkan sahaja. Kita wanita yang punya karya, adalah wanita yang punya … Continue reading A Story of Suri Treasures

The Apom Story

“Patriotism takes a different form in our generation, and will be more so in my children’s generation. It was circa 2016 so much was happening, the country and its biggest political scandal, my partner and I starting out as young parents, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the country, wanting … Continue reading The Apom Story