Visiting Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC is a prominent tourist attraction located just next to the Suria KLCC recreational and shopping center. This little water world park portrays the natural pretty well through its five varied sections of freshwater aquatics, saltwater aquatics, sharks, insect and souvenir. With a focus on the marine life from the oceans surrounding Malaysia, you will find a large gathering of small colorful fishes to big monster fishes all within the multi-sized aquarium spaces.

Large giant tank of fishes inside Aquaria KLCC
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Constructed in the year 2002, Aquaria KLCC exhibits 60,000 square feet of marine-tertainment delivering a surreal experience (for younger audiences) through its displays of larger than life-sized aquariums that house a selection of sea species. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might spot the sand tiger sharks, green sea turtles, giant Pacific octopuses and giant groupers. You can also expect to come face to face with semi-aquatic mammals like raccoons, otters and seals.

Otters looking at inside Aquaria KLCC
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Take your activity in Aquaria to the next level by stepping onto the conveyor belt that leads you into the underwater tunnel to witness exotic aquatic life as they gracefully swim past hovering above you. This attraction tends to be a hit with visitors who tend to loop their experience at least twice during the same visit! So expect some crowd and possibly, brief congestion.

Underwater conveyor belt tunnel inside Aquaria KLCC
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There are a few activity highlights to plan your visit to Aquaria KLCC around. One of the best ways is to keep tabs of the daily feeding times based on the schedule. It is particularly worth noting the shark feeding times!

Feeding Time at Aquaria KLCC
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Widely popular among kids, is the Touch Pool At 10.45 AM. This is an excellent chance to give a few of those horseshow crabs, chocolate chip sea stars and brown-banded bamboo shark a couple of good pats.

Petting area inside Aquaria KLCC
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Top this trip up by making a souvenir stop. There, you will find the usual purchasable suspects – magnets, soft toys, photos and most other ocean-themed merchandise.


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