About sew X dignity

At sew X dignity, all our products are lovingly made by our youth or women/mothers from the refugee and underprivileged community in Malaysia. This is part of a transformational enterprise at Dignity for Children Foundation that brings together the best of academic learning and hands-on, real-world experiences for a vibrant education that dismantles the walls between traditional classrooms and the real world.

Our sewing workshop trains youth on the fundamentals of design, sewing and crafting under skilled seamstresses. Not just that, but students learn skills like costing, marketing and customer service as they make and sell products – basically how to start up their own little enterprise in the future. 

Using recycled and donated fabrics, we transform them into quirky and unique bags, scarves and pouches for sale. Tying it all together of the academic and practical learning is the training of the heart, the development of character and the formation of solid work ethics and moral values.

All profits are channeled back to the Foundation to train more students.

Follow us on social media: https://www.facebook.com/sewxdignity/

sew X dignity is a transformational enterprise that aims to help youth break the cycle of poverty through education, skill & employment … in style! Support sew x dignity HERE.


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