The Gentlemen’s Bar

The Gentlemen’s Bar is a men’s accessory brand founded by Fei. Established in 2016, the idea of accessorizing for the suiting crowd is the realization of her lifelong passion for men’s fashion.

She credits her appreciation for the sartorial side of a men’s wardrobe to her seamstress mum, Fun. Growing up, she had plenty of opportunities to hone her sense for details and construction techniques from watching her mum work.
“I have always been drawn to the fashion sensibilities of the male gender, and considering that the men’s accessories scene here is still very niche, I decided to go ahead,” says Fei.

The Gentlemen’s Bar takes pride in its meticulous craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. 

As part of our social responsibility efforts, we always endeavor to employ local female craftsmen, to help them gain the financial ability to take care of their families.  

The brand is a place for Malaysians to get what they really want, without having to go overseas and to support local entrepreneurs.

The Gentlemen’s Bar is a brand representation of the ideals that make up the urban gentleman. Support The Gentlemen’s Bar here.


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