Bike Bear?

Yup, the name is Bike Bear.

The bear on the bike is a Malayan Sun Bear and her name is actually Isabella (Is a Bear La) inspired by our local rock legend Search.

We started Bike Bear in 2013 as a simple web design agency and all we wanted to do was to put Malaysian web design agency on the map. We wanted an agency that truly represents Malaysia by having a diverse group of “bears” and we wanted to bring our own form of marketing and design to help local SMEs grow.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of web design and create websites that were just bold, impactful and meaningful.

The accomplishment that we are so proud about being a local agency is that we finally became the first Malaysian agency to receive Awwwards (basically the Oscar’s web design) Honorable Mention recognition in 2019 and our work was featured in several international design articles.

We were super proud to be able to represent Malaysian agencies and hope to inspire local designers and developers one day like how APOM! inspired us as well.

Bike Bear helps businesses grow through creativity, content and curiosity. Support Bike Bear here.


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