Play For Unity

Rojak Culture brings Malaysians together to celebrate our Malaysian-ness through play. As Malaysians we have so much in common and we endeavor to prompt conversations, cultural curiosity and fun shared experiences that highlight all things that make us unique as Malaysians.

To pursue our vision we developed The Lepak Game, a simple word-matching, persuasive party game that contains the essence of Malaysia – references, slangs, icons etc. This game is best played among a multicultural group.

Instead of approaching our diversity with fear, we invite people to let their guards down by playing together. The Lepak Game triggers fun conversation and sharing of different perspectives. It also encourages hilarious friendly banter because growing towards unity sometimes means welcoming conflict rather than avoiding it.

Together we can build a positive environment where we are free to agree to disagree and to grow our gratitude and appreciation for one another.

Join our vision to spark a movement of friendship through play !
Support The Lepak Game here.


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