The Alwis & Xavier Story

Being a part of the local community has always been near and dear to our hearts, and
supporting local artisans and products has been the way to go for us. Hence it was no
surprise that we too wanted to find a way to contribute and represent our country with a product that we could proudly claim was crafted in Malaysia.
We aimed to bring innovative products to the local market, something one-of-a-kind that brought convenience and portability to anyone and everyone.
Since launching our brand 2 years ago, we have seen our products being distributed all over the world, used by every race, gender and culture. Nothing is more rewarding than thinking back to where we started, with big expectations and hopes for what the future holds for us here at Alwis & Xavier.

Creating only the finest handcrafted solid colognes for the discerning man
and woman, to smell and feel their best, anytime and anywhere.
Support The Alwis & Xavier here.


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