The hands behind TinyPinc Miniatures

I started TinyPinc as an outlet for all my hobbies 10 years ago. I was doing all sorts of stuffs – clay, sewing, fabric painting etc.
Later I focused just on Polymer Clay, and started imitating works from other Polymer clay artists. Everyone else were making cakes and donuts. I wondered how I could make my creations “truly Malaysian”, and I figured making Malaysian kuihs would be great! 
Started off with ang ku kuih, and more came along, like kuih lapis, char kuey teow etc. 
Most of the Malaysians would always say, food is what makes Malaysia, Malaysia. I agree a lot on that! Malaysians may have different opinions on a lot of matters, but when someone bashes Malaysian food, beware of our unity power! 
It makes me really warm and fuzzy when Malaysians residing in other countries would buy my creations to bring a little piece of Malaysia back with them.
I love Malaysia, Malaysia boleh ❤

— Ling —

TinyPinc – Handmade Polymer Clay Miniature Food & Figurines.
Support Tiny Pinc here.


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