Malaysia has a great culture, but I feel like it is highly under-represented and unknown to the world. Unlike our counterpart Singapore who has down an amazing job promoting their culture, Malaysia’s marketing with our own identity seems lacklustre. It is not that Malaysians are not appreciative of our own culture- in fact we live in it in our everyday lives, but little support has been given to boost, develop and market our national identity.

I was oversea once and having my breakfast- the regular Milo, kaya toasts and a bowl of soil-boiled eggs with soy sauce, when my friend from Sweden commented that what I had was “the Malaysian breakfast”. I realized then that something so ubiquitous to us Malaysians can actually represent us in the global scene (imagine Malaysian breakfast going famous like the English breakfast). To start small, I started illustrating all the food, drinks & things we can find in our kopitiam, and people have been loving them since!

So draw, take picture, make art, post on IG whenever you find a piece of Malaysia. I believe that each of us, no matter how small and minute our works are, can have important roles when it comes to nurturing the Malaysian culture.

Jacktus is an illustrator who likes to draw and paint everything he loves about Malaysia (and his favourite fruit is durian!)


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