Kedai Suza

I am Izzati Suza, I call myself an artist & Kedai Suza is my own merchandise shop. I lived in Labuan, Melaka, Terengganu & Ipoh. I am indeed, A Piece of Malaysia.

I love the idea of simplicity & humour in sending messages and I have been making simple merchandises like stickers & badges as I grow up. 

Growing up in parts of Malaysia really made my love for my Malaysia grow as I see so many different culture, habits and style that I got to experience. The types of humour that I get to vibe with other people in different states. 

How Kedai Suza Got Its Name?
In 2015, my parents got into an accident and that had left my father, Che Suza, bedridden. I was in UiTM Sri Iskandar, studying architecture but then I had to leave to take care of him with my mother.

In 2017, while taking care of my late father, me and my mother decided that my artworks should not be hidden in my room. 

Initially, I decided to rent a shoplot as my studio and while choosing a name, I decided to use my late father’s name as a dedication of our love to my late father.. Sadly, my father passed away in 2018.

Life felt dark for a bit but since then I started to sell my merchandise in art bazaars. That opened my eyes on how people are actually accepting of the artworks that I did.

How I Wish Kedai Suza to mean to Malaysia
Having to move around from Labuan to Ipoh to Melaka to Terengganu really taught me a lot. Having to take care of my late father, taught me the most. I used to draw sad comics and artworks, just to cope with my own depression.

Then as I got the chance to begin my journey with Kedai Suza, it has been the only thing that i have ever dreamt of. So I dream, and I aspire to give a little light to life, to the people that I share my artworks with, to the people that choose to love my artworks. I use humour, I use colour, I use funny characters, just to make people laugh for a second and I am no Michaelangelo, I don’t paint perfect pictures, but seeing people giggle and read my things, it is the only thing that matters. I would love to relate to all ages, gender, community. I speak and draw from my own experience, from my own eyes. I wish to share that with Malaysia.

Kedai Suza, Driven by Cinta.
Support Kedai Suza here.


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