Colour your world

ColorMy was started in 2015 by the KL-based creative agency HERE Local. The project came about as a result of a desire to find a new and unique way to express our love for Malaysia while featuring homegrown creatives. Coloring has become a well-recognized tool for people of all ages to destress and utilize their imagination. However, most of the books available on the market feature artwork from other cultures. ColorMy decided to produce a series that celebrates Malaysian art, food, architecture, and design. Sourcing artwork from independent Malaysian artists allowed the project to not only achieve the goal of featuring Malaysian art but also featuring Malaysian talent. ColorMy books are great way to have fun while also exploring creativity and showing-off the beauty of our country.

Re-imagine the colors of Malaysia any way you want with the ColorMy series of coloring books for all ages. Support ColorMy here.


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