1 in 10 Malaysian women are victims of domestic abuse.

It struck a chord inside that whilst many of us complain about staying home to stay safe, some others can’t feel safe at home.

#KadsForKawans is an initiative to help raise funds and awareness for victims of domestic abuse, whilst reviving the charm of snail mail. With so much kindness circulating amongst my loved ones throughout MCO, stocking each other’s pantries with the tastiest kuihs, sourdough and tau-fu-fah from afar, I wanted to create something that us Malaysians could so easily use to spread the love. Staying connected is key whilst we all isolate.

It came to me that postcards are the perfectly affordable yet thoughtful option. After all, who doesn’t love a personal touch mixed in with a sprinkle of nostalgia? To make things easier, I volunteered myself as a service–send in your messages, and I’ll write & post them out for you. Though this got a little taxing for a one-man job and we’re now selling sets in store!

To me, #KadsForKawans propagates the kindness and hospitality of us Malaysians, always thinking of each other, even from a distance. Besides Raya cards to saudara-saudari in Perlis, Kedah and Singapore who can’t cross borders this season, we’ve had cards flying to Switzerland, Australia, Vietnam, U.S.A and Bangkok to name a few. 

Even more importantly, we’ve gotten the conversation going on social media; acquaintances and fellow artists were even inspired to start their own fundraisers for the WAO and other charities! Let us all do good, together.

Quan Choy – Malaysian illustrator. To check out her illustrations, or for collaborations & commissions, visit her Instagram @quan.creates. #KadsForKawans will be available in stores & online til the end of June. Support Quan here.


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