Kantin Lab

Kantin Lab = Malaysia’s 1ST & ONLY Salted Egg Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

It all started when 1 of the founder realized that he can’t find a salted egg snack product that can satisfy his cravings.

Sure there are ones that’s pretty good from his neighbouring country, but as a proud Malaysian we want to support our local product kan? =p

So there comes the idea of starting his own version of salted egg chips, where the founder & his kawan kawan started Kantin Lab.

To make themselves cooler than the others on the market, they went with crinkle cut potato chips, which is the 1ST & ONLY in Malaysia in the salted egg snacks category. 

Now you must be wondering what does Kantin Lab stands for. So let us break it down for you the meaning behind it.

Kantin = Peng Leng Jeng (a Chinese street words that literally translate to value for money in English)

Lab = Lab is usually associated with experiments & new ideas, which is very similar to an entrepreneurship, which is what we’re trying to do.

In short, Kantin Lab want to make a product that taste good, well priced, premium looking. Most importantly, we want to have a Malaysia product that we can proudly put our hands on & carry around. So come and support Kantin Lab.

Support the budak budak from Malaysia!!

Malaysia 1ST and ONLY Salted Egg Crinkle Cut Chips. Crinkle is better.
Support Kantin Lab here.


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