Mu Soy Sauce

Mu Soy Sauce , a third generation recipe with modern twist .

The real handmade soy sauce from quality ingredients with traditional method, natural fermented for 90 days and above. No added flavour enhancer , preservative, yeast extract. Simple natural tasty as it is .

We spend adequate amount of R&D time to bring different characteristic for each of them in terms of taste, fragrance , colour and usage . 

·         First Draw 135ml  – 100 % first layer soy sauce add cane sugar. Premium aroma, umami,thick texture. Best for drizzle on steamed fish, cold dishes, dipping.

 .        Naked 80ml – 100% first layer without sugar , the raw soy sauce . Strongest bean smell, saltier and with back taste of natural acidity of soy . Best for dipping,cooking add your preference of sugar . 

·         Organic bean Light 135ml -Light soy sauce combination of first and second layer of organic soy sauce from organic bean . Use it generally for stir fried and marinate.


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