In October 2014, VMO (https://www.vmo.rocks) went live with 60 venue & service listings. We dreamt that we would start an evolution of how events could be planned online. VMO would make it easier for people to search for a venue and then add on service providers to it. Our initial target market of hotels did not respond well to our attempts to invite them to list, so we shifted our focus to restaurants and cafes instead. And that was where we saw a positive result. As the listing grew, so did our revenues. And as the revenues grew, so did the request for venues & services to ask to be listed. By early March 2020, we had over 2,000 listings of venues & services online.

When MCO phase 1 was announced on 16 March, we knew the events business would come to a halt and many F&B establishments would suffer. We quickly spoke to a few F&B merchants and asked them what they would need. Many of them needed an online ordering solution that could be up by 18 March. And that’s what we did. We had a basic food ordering system up by 18 March, with 7 restaurants & cafes. By 21 May, we had grown that to over 1,000 listings of restaurants, cafes, hawkers, and home kitchens.

VMO Xpress is what the new food delivery section is called and it serves as a platform for all food & beverage services to be easily discovered & ordered.


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