PichaEats has one mission, which is to serve you great food while providing an opportunity for refugees in Malaysia to start a new life.

It all started back in 2016, when a group of university students who were volunteering at a refugee learning centre witnessed that many of their students dropped out of school due to financial issues at home. 

Seeing this problem, the volunteering teachers asked themselves a question, “How can we help parents from the refugee community to be financially sustainable and send their children for education?”

A meal with a refugee student in 2016 sparked an idea, “If the refugee community can cook and everyone needs to eat everyday, why not sell food home prepared by refugees with their authentic traditional recipe to customers?”

With this simple idea, we started bringing food from countries that we can hardly visit anymore to Malaysians. From Syrian desserts to Afghan dumplings, from Palestinian Mandi rice to Pakistani keema – bringing more flavours and stories to Malaysians who love food!

Since then, we’ve served more than 200,000 meals, giving a delicious platform for Malaysians to make a difference in the world just by enjoying a good meal.

We want to make Malaysians proud and put our country on the map – that we can have a sustainable solution to one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in the world right now.


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