Barkery Oven

Barkery Oven is an artisanal pet bakery founded in 2011 that focuses on creating healthy and yummy treats for dogs. We added a range for cats in 2019. We are proud to call ourselves Buatan Malaysia and have dreams to get our range of pet treats to as many homes as possible. 

My name is Chui Shia. I am a self taught baker and the reason I started Barkery Oven was to provide my first dog Mochi with healthy treats. Also, I enjoy baking and saw this as a great opportunity to make some extra income. Then, I marketed Barkery Oven via artisanal bazaars and Facebook. Now, Barkery Oven is distributed to more than 50 pet shops all over Malaysia.  

What makes us different from mass produced treats in the market?
We make all our treats by hand, using only freshly sourced human grade ingredients. This means, our pet treats can also be eaten by humans! In fact, we have customers that often buy our treats for their children or for themselves. This is all because because we don’t add any salt / sugar / artificial flavours/preservatives. We also make it a priority to be transparent with our customers. All ingredients are listed out clearly on our packaging. We don’t believe in hiding behind words that are hard to pronounce. 

Barkery Oven – The healthier choice for your furykids.
Support Barkery Oven here.


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