Effortless is a Malaysian platform that connects certified beauty professionals with customers who want to look and feel amazing – anytime, anywhere. 

We help skilled Malaysian women in the beauty industry by empowering them with job opportunities. Malaysia freelancing market is growing due to increasing expectations of flexible work environment, to take care of family needs and income opportunities. With the existence of our platform, we are closing the gap of unemployment and many single, married or divorcees get to showcase their skill talent and be recognised even though they do not have capital to start their own business. 

The business first started in 2017 with online selling of Korean beauty products. During the first year of business, the company had difficulty to grow due to heavy inventory expenses required to scale the e-commerce business. On the other hand, we started to receive request for professional beauty services at home in Malaysia. The founder, Miko Teck realised there is a gap in the market because there isn’t any platform that exists to provide seamless experience and convenience in areas such as confirming appointment with vetted professionals, and handling of booking cancellation, dispute cases and bad service quality. After one year in e-commerce business, the company pivoted to focus on professional on-demand beauty services anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Since then, the business has grown to more than 400 vetted professionals providing various beauty services. Our professionals are local Malaysian women who are skilled but lack in marketing exposure and business opportunities. We have helped them build consistent income, do reach out to us if you are a talent too! Besides home service, we also cater to private occasions, parties, office and corporate events. 

Our vision is to build a personalised and inclusive platform for consumers and professionals in Malaysia. We aim to help more Malaysian women transform their lives – making them feel confident and empowered every day. 

Support Effortless here.


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