Est. 2004, BROS started by selling single-coloured water bottles, but we believed that reusable water bottles can do much more. A year later, we had an idea to print fun designs and inspiring messages onto our bottles, transforming this daily necessity into an accessory of style. We pushed the limit of traditional canvas and transformed water bottles into a medium to celebrate art. It was contagious, and we have not stopped since. Until now, we are still telling stories through our products, putting more emphasis on the narratives we share in our design.

BROS 2020 “HOME IS _______.” collection brings us back to our roots, taking inspiration from our mundane everyday life in Malaysia. Malaysia is home to many things: the King of Fruits, the world’s largest flower, the Malayan Tapir and many more, but essentially it is home to all Malaysians. The collection is a reminder of home as it chips in our appreciation on the beauty of this uniquely multi-faceted Malaysian culture, whether it be a pattern, an object, a type of food, a place or a memorable story. It aims to raise a social dialogue on what Malaysia is within the hearts of Malaysian, engaging everyone to discover the details of our somehow cluttered but often overlooked everyday life. We’ve told our side of story and would love to hear yours too!

The collection consists of 60 water bottles, each with a different story. We’ve incorporated QR codes into them, you can read the story with just a scan. Here’s the making of our 2020 “HOME IS ________.” collection. Watch as the designers explain the story behind their favourite bottle design, as it features their own perspective on what Malaysia is to them and re-exploring elements that are uniquely Malaysia.

We have always believed in the incredible homegrown creative talents ever since we started. With that in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to support local artistic talents, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their design. We collaborated with 4 local artists – fritilldea, Ranerrim, Brindha Kumar and Loka Made on the Limited-Edition “Artist Series”, to share their diverse perspective on what “HOME IS _______”. It’s a collection to celebrate being Malaysian and a slice of real Malaysian life.

#fillitup and celebrate the little things in life with BROS.
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