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Like most Sydneysiders, I was eager to see the city’s most talked about building, the iconic Opera House.

I was in University then, studying fine arts and design in Sydney. The Opera House was a spectacular sight the minute I saw it ! It captivated me to a point I just had to buy souvenirs of the iconic structure. Being an artist, I wanted something unique. Of course I also wanted to memoire from my travels, in the form of souvenirs.

There, merchandise by an Australian artist, Ken Done captured my attention. He used vibrant colors and captured the essence of Australia well. His artwork evoked such love from me that it stayed in my mind and thoughts since.

I returned to Malaysia after completing my studies and was greeted with Kuala Lumpur’s amazing transformation. We have our very own iconic building, the Petronas Twin Towers. Since my return, many of my foreign friends came visiting, with me playing host. When it was time to buy souvenirs, we noticed there was no uniqueness and creativity to the gifts. The quality of the local products caught me by surprise and felt that it could be better.

Ken Done’s work on the Sydney Opera House came to mind and lingered in my head. I thought, why can’t the Petronas Twin Towers be done in this style. I cannot recall seeing an artistic version of the famous landmarks with the artist’s own interpretation to it.

The idea of souvenir merchandise grew from there. It is with national pride and joy when I see people enjoying and taking back a little piece of Malaysia with them.

JidKay Artworks – Life In Colour
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