Komuniti Tukang Jahit

Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ) also known as Tailors Community of Malaysia was established in 2018 with a mission in mind- and it is to empower women of the household. We aim to empower women from the B40 community; single mothers, stay-at-home moms, and underprivileged women to be able to generate their own income through the job opportunities and sewing skills provided.

When we just started out, our tailors were only given clothing designs to sew, and it wasn’t considered a fast-moving sale item that would fly of the shelves. For every piece sold, that particular order is given to a tailor who would take it home to sew and complete.  But as the demand decreases and the supply increases for sewing jobs, we knew that we had to do something. Especially when we found out what we were actually doing was called “Impact-development”!

As it all played out so accidentally- KTJ continuously source and provide job opportunities to the community by focusing towards the delivery of products within the gifting industry. Such as corporate gifts, fashion items, and tourist souvenirs. One of KTJ’s main identity is the “Malaysian-touch”. The idea came about when we were making products with the Malaysian cultural fabrics. Most of our items are designed and decorated with the 3 main elements that portrays the colours of Malaysia, the songket/batik, the saree and also the cheongsam fabric.

We hope to continuously create job opportunities for our community of women, and through this sustainable business model we hope to continue this movement and expand it to other states. Now we have more than 50 women tailors who are actively taking orders from us, and are able to earn a sustainable income to support their families. Apart from providing the home-base tailors with upskill training and sewing jobs, we hope that in the near future, we would want attend to their family’s well-being, such as education or insurance coverage.

The support of corporate procurements would help not one but many families instantaneously, and it is because a bulk order would require more hands to sew them – hence more job orders to be shared out. And last but not least, “impact buying” will not only help families in need but it will run the economy in a sustainable manner- where things purchased can bring about a positive meaning. Instead of things that are made in mass by factories & prices that are constantly pushed for promotion or discounts. Every support counts – we do wish that more corporations would consider Buying-With-Impact while supporting and giving back to the community!

“Empowering Women, One Household at a Time Support”
Support Komuniti Tukang Jahit here.


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