Idolci Gelato

The personality behind Idolci Gelato, Gigi Teoh has been making Traditional Ice Cream in Malaysia since 2002 and probably the first Malaysian Gelato chef at that time. Back then, Gigi embarked on a journey to Italy to master and improve the art of perfecting gelato recipes. Before receiving her true calling in Gelato (Italian word for Ice Cream), making pastries was her first love, having worked in the pastry division of renown restaurants and hotels such as Four Seasons, and the Ritz Carlton Millennia in Singapore.

Today, Idolci Gelato is a Malaysian home-grown brand that has gained recognition as our fan base continue to grow by the day. More and more people learn to appreciate Gelato made the traditional artisan way. Machines used to produce our Gelato are designed back in the 1980’s allowing our Gelato to be conventionally tastier, intense and presents itself in a more luxurious form.

Playing our role in the community, the team employed to assist from the early start-up days up till now are actually “deaf” individuals. We have trained them and they have contributed their effort in parts of the gelato making and delivery process. We are probably the only Ice Cream or Gelato producer in this country that has continue to employ and train deaf individuals. Their dedication and commitment are shown in the faces of our customers when they brighten up or have their eyes closed when our Gelato goes into their mouths – Yahh..that feeling 😊.

Certified “Halal” by Jakim, our Gelato has been through many events and served to many local and foreign dignitaries and celebrities in Malaysia. Known for our ability to uniquely cater and tailor make different flavours based on different market requirements, Idolci Gelato are always sought after during special celebrations and festivals. Our stringent process in selecting quality ingredients to make Gelato the traditional way, has earned praises from many hotel and restaurant chef’s that associate with us.

Salted Egg Gelato, or Teh Tarik Gelato anyone?  You name it, We make it!

A Malaysian company, combining the art acquired from Europe in making Gelato (ice cream) better and easily available for Malaysians to savour. Support Idolci Gelato here.


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