For Oxwhite, it all started with a quest to perfect a tailored white shirt. We wanted to make a quality piece tailored to the Asian physique — and most importantly, that wouldn’t break the bank.

The confidence you get from that perfect fit shouldn’t be expensive. Since 2018, our dream has been to help Malaysians look good and feel good, affordably. It’s thanks to our direct-to-consumer model that we’re able to offer amazing quality at an amazing price.

Today, we’ve expanded our range and continuously add new products to bring confidence back into your wardrobe, and into your homes. Our products are designed to address the needs of modern Asians: from business wear to casual wear, and from travel to home & living essentials.

Oxwhite is an e-commerce lifestyle brand that provides an accessible alternative to luxury brands, maintaining the premium quality at a fraction of the cost. Support Oxwhite here.


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