Sridewi Batik

Sridewi Batik is for elegant ladies out there to look more sophisticated in any official or non official occasions. The brand was established in September 2019 by Amira.

While she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age, she thought about what she really wanted to pursue in life. She decided to open her own brand and named it “Sridewi Batik” as she wanted the women who wore her designs “to feel very exclusive with a royal touch”. While working as an executive at a construction company, she had a light-bulb moment: “As a business executive, I wore office attire such as pencil skirts and pants, but they were all so plain. I was bored. I have always loved batik since young, seeing my mother and grandmother wearing batik sarongs. It got me thinking.”

I decided to be adventurous and went on to buy batik and try a new fashion statement using batik to make skirts.  I wanted the design to be in a modern touch so that women out there will be more confident in front of people. I was amazed by the outcome as I had many friends and colleagues that I brought this and when I told them that I sew it myself they were amazed, and the rest is history.

“I want all Malaysian ladies to wear batik weather official or non official occasions. So, I thought bringing a modern touch to the fabrics would encourage the younger generation to wear batik more. Let’s celebrate wearing batik just like they do in Indonesia.” Let’s come out with different ideas of design to encourage younger generations wear batik. For future plans, Amira is hoping to expand her brand in Malaysia to attract our generation in wearing our batik collections. “I’m also hoping to create more new design in with Malaysia batik so that we appreciate our local batik and bring it forward to the rest of the world to appreciate our heritage.”

Sridewi Batik – tradition with a twist.
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