Our vision is to become a university for mothers. At Ibupreneur, we aim to empower financially dependent and vulnerable mothers with their own depth of struggles to grow into micro-entrepreneurs right from their home-ready skills, such as baking.

It all started as a pilot project when the team met in Youth Leadership Academy 2019, a social entrepreneurial initiative by McKinsey & Co. Managed to increase 128% home-baked sales of our Ibus, we pledged to stay for our Ibus.

To ensure sustainable impact, we engage our Ibus in training workshops to uplift their skills. Starting with just 4 Ibus, they now have their own team to cater to bulk orders. And this is how we know our Ibus are empowered to empower more Ibus, creating greater impact. As of date, we have 8 mothers onboarded.

In the long run, we hope to repeat this scalable model in other stages of our supply chain, not limiting to just baking, packaging, offline and digital marketing, logistics, and customer relations.

While reviving “a piece” of Malaysia’s traditional recipes, we want to build a successful community that supports and join our impact towards enabling women empowerment.

Ibupreneur – Your choice of dessert empowers our Ibus.
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