We had the initial idea to come up with the brand because when I went to NY,  I noticed that most of their drugstore brands are sold at low price without compromising the quality. I thought of creating something similar for Malaysia and at that time, Kylie Lip Kit was just launched.

It was only apt for us to add a touch of Malaysian culture and tradition into the branding because we siblings were heavily brought up with them. I think of our brand as a platform for us to bring awareness to not only the community but also ourselves, SO.LEK Team of the beauty, history and folklores that Malaysia has to offer.

Our monthly pop-ups are the places where we get to interact with our customers and there, we often get asked about the story behind our product names. By doing the things we do, we get to educate each person we meet along our journey.

A local Malaysian-made-Halal brand that promotes Malaysian tradition, heritage and culture through cosmetics.
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