Kantan Kitchen

It is all started from the joy of enjoying cooking for family, neighbours, and friends. Kantan Kitchen then was born. From the recipes that were just simply been attempted for their own taste and suddenly was led to an idea of fusion the multiracial Malaysian into it!


Malaysian most favourite dish. When mentioning curry, uniquely we have various types of curry – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and all ethics in Malaysia love to eat curry. Kantan Kitchen was inspired by the recipe “Golden Pillow”, a flavoursome cake from Kampar that is famous among the Chinese. The actual plan pursuing an online course at the earlier part of our foodie diary was only for cooking attempts for family meals managed to appease many people. From there the Kitchen Kantan started. The delicacy bread we serve is homemade with pure love. Only based at home, the production of bread from Kantan Kitchen is made fresh from the oven every day straight to catch each customer’s heart from the first bite, just pure love! The gravy curry bread dish is no stranger to us, Malaysians. Malay, Chinese, Indian or other ethnic utmostly enjoyed eating curry in many ways. Yes! Malaysian when it comes to food we are definitely the most creative people in the world. Food makes us come together, sit together, eat together and even uplift one another.

It goes viral day by day when we first started. Word of mouth, finally in 2019, Kantan Kitchen was invited to make a cooking demo in Malaysia Today channel. It was all thanks for the support from all family and friends. Even now, a stranger became our friendliest customer.

HIDDEN CURRY MUSHROOM BREAD ARE OUR SIGNATURE. Curry recipes from the thick and viscous North are also full of spices. Since then the demand has been higher. Kantan Kitchen tremendously wants to serve the best to fill in happiness from food in our customer tummy.

In every business there are ups and downs. Everyday is a learning in our kitchen to ensure the taste and texture of our bread always brings satisfaction to customers. We will continue to innovate recipes with Malaysian flavors. Importantly, every feed can be enjoyed together regardless of race, old or young, because bread and curry are also one of the dishes of our country theme, like nasi lemak and roti canai as well Kantan Kitchen, roti cicah kari. My hope is one day in a small cafe on the outskirts of the city. 

Kantan kitchen we served freshly bun everyday where you can enjoy the taste of Malaysia unite in one big bun. Sedap baq hang!!! 
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