Nyonya Kain

Nyonya Kain brings to you the latest textiles, batik fashion clothing as well as handmade accessories for all. We practice a zero waste concept where we ensure every piece of fabric is fully utilized into all our products such as lanyards, wallets, pouches, tissue holders, twilly scarves, scrunchies and many more. We aim to bring back the art and culture from our past traditions and incorporate it into our everyday lifestyle, at the same time creating an awareness on the textile industry to the masses.

Our founder grew up in Melaka and has always been in love with the rich traditions from the Peranakan and Malay Archipelago culture. We infuse various peranakan textiles and designs into our products and aim to bring back the trend of batik and traditional attires in our modern lifestyle, for both men and women across all ages and backgrounds.

The name Nyonya Kain however, came about with it being ‘Nyonya’ as in ‘young lady/ girl’ and ‘Kain’ being our original business model selling textiles and batik products in its original forms. Put them together, it translates into the ‘Kain Lady’ hence the term our founder as the woman behind the brand and the lovely pieces we aim to share with everyone all over the world.

Since early July 2020, Nyonya Kain in collaboration MyDeliveryHeroes launched our #KitaJagaRiders initiative which one mask get donated to a rider for every set of two masks purchased. As at 22 July 2020, we have raised a total of 200 masks to be distributed to our delivery heroes within Klang Valley.

Nyonya Kain, bringing to you the most in-trend batik collectibles with the friendliest service.
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