NITA is a cosmetics brand with a wide range of affordable & hypoallergenic makeup products. Ranging from lipsticks to foundation, we have over 100 products to choose from since our inception in 2017. Suited for multiple skin tones that represent our diversity, we make everyone feel right at home.

Inspired by illustrations and comic books, there is a character behind NITA. She represents women everywhere with big dreams to explore the world while carrying the virtues of Malaysia. Hence why NITA’s branding is fun, quirky & colourful – representing this country’s diversity.

NITA begins her story by introducing the cultures and traditions of Malaysia, as each journey always begins from home. Each collection comes in a different theme that tells a story that all of us can relate to from our nostalgic childhood.

Over the years, we have expanded our story to our local music scene, cuisines and movie industry to elevate the appreciation for our arts.  Whether it’s in the past, present or the future – NITA ultimately aspires to promote the beauty of our nation through different timelines and concepts, with high-quality affordable products.

Fun, quirky, high quality cosmetics with a wallet-friendly price.
Support NITA here.


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