BentukBentuk® was founded in April 2016 as a result from our love and interest of making things from scratch. It was pivoted from being a desire to own a concrete planter, making the pieces ourselves then turned it into a business that is so dear and close to our heart after countless and months of experiments and hard work. As a husband and wife team, we enjoyed working together and spending time with each other. We love having this common interest, working and growing together towards the same goal. It is obvious, we love concrete and we love things that are handmade. We will choose something crooked that is handmade over a perfectly finished item made in factory. The common question that we get is “why concrete as our main material?”. The answer simply lies in the characteristic of concrete itself; it is being perceived and misjudged by many as a hard and cold materials used only in big construction without any beauty to be part of any home décor. We’d like to change that, we’d like people to really see the beauty beyond this perception, how fluid and flexible concrete can be when it comes to shape it based on the design, how can it bring so much warmth to the home décor when incorporated and how cool it can make your space looks!We love working with concrete as it does not require any power tools nor any complicated machine to begin with. All you need is cement, any aggregate of your choice, the right amount of water, your determination and basically you are done. As the world is moving into a faster pace by day, it is so liberating to be able to handmade our concrete pieces. It feels like we have the freedom to make anything that we have in mind and we do appreciate each step it takes before it is completed, almost asif watching a plant grow from seed to a tree despite the long hours it takes before it’s completed. All the sweat, tears, time, and love poured into the making process translated into this one piece of hand made concrete item that is uniquely made.Another question that were frequently asked is “Do you make it yourselves? How do you make it?” and we love seeing the awe and excitement when they learnt that it is 100% made by us, Malaysian. In Malaysia, handmade items are becoming rare as people are chasing for the perfection and they forgot that true beauty lies within each step of the process during making, not just the end product. It is the art of making via a slow process that captivates the experience. It is important to showcase to the world,what we as Malaysian can achieve, what we can produce ourselves and what we can feel proud of – not just some mass imported items made overseas and labelled as “Malaysian brand”. What we have is instrumental to Malaysia, it is a product made in Malaysia, using raw materials sourced in Malaysia, handmade and design with love by your fellow Malaysian. When people are looking for a brand or product that is truly Malaysia to showcase it internationally, we can proudly raise our hand and represent Malaysia in such way to show that Malaysia have local talents, ability and uniqueness of their own. This what drives us every single day and this fueled our thirst to embark this continuous journey to create a more unique design and hope it can speak more about our country and culture, that better represent the brand and our creativity. We are proud being Malaysian and we wanted that to show in our brand.

Handmade Concrete Decor.
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