It was raining softly at Bukit Larut Taiping one late afternoon in 2012. I quickly called out to my children to walk quickly before it started to pour. Feeling panicky, my son pulled my shirt and I fell forward. Cracked I heard glasses cracked. I just realised when I fell, my SLR camera lens broken into pieces. Luckily I was not hurt, only some minor cuts on both my knees. We continued walking to a nearby shed while waiting for the rain to stop.
While at the shed, I said to myself, wouldn’t it be good if I’m wearing a pair of antislip sandals. That way I won’t fall and injured myself.
Back home, I decided to make antislip sandals. Using my knowledge in rubber, I tried and tried many times before I got it right. Combined with my passion for green products, finally Solewell Anti Slip Eco Sandals was created. Made in Malaysia for fellow Malaysians who want to have antislip sandals and support green products.

Steven Ng

Stepping Forward To Better Environment. Support Solewell here.


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