Keldai is known with their parody-ness , combining all of the ideas and fusion references between vintage cartoons and Malaysian pop culture as it is easy to cross with unique international brands and icons.

Let me introduce myself. Im Shawnalyzer, personally im a digital artist/collector. I started this brand with selling vintage toys back in 2017 I get to know more collector and learn why toys are really mean to them. 

Everyone had their own childhood moments that can’t be forgotten.Cause that was the only phase that we only crave for unstoppable fun and happiness before we get into commitment.

Reminiscing the good old memories sometime can motivate us to be who we really are. 

So i decided to bring this message and turn them into movable message that can blend with Malaysian culture  .

KELDAI Its a combination between donkey(keldai) and BANDAI. Back in the days, Donkey was used to carry around goods or been taken as a transportation.

Align with our vision to carry the childhood memories to live by visualising it through our design. While BANDAI was famous with Animes, toys and Figura which you can see in our collections.. This is how the ideas of our brand was created.  

We Craft Your Childhood Memories.
Support Keldai here.


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