Quan Dog Treats

Quăn Dog Treats was started out of passion and love for our dogs and what goes into their mouth and bellies. When shopping for dog treats, we found that the market was traditionally focused on heavily processed and artificially flavored treats to ensure a long use-by date. We didn’t want that for our pets.

While in recent times, there has been a shift towards homemade dog treats, an increasing trend is to blend various ingredients before reshaping and processing, so the treats look pretty, and like human food e.g. pizzas, cupcakes, etc. Cute, but gimmicky.

At Quăn Dog Treats, our aim is to bring a simple, honest, no-gimmick approach to dog treats in Malaysia. What humans enjoy visually doesn’t matter as much to a dog. All they want and need are delicious, natural, species-specific treats to snack on, or as a training reward.

We wanted our dogs, and all dogs, to enjoy treats that are recognizable and contain simple ingredients, that dogs are born to enjoy. If it smells and looks good to humans, it’s a bonus! All our products are proudly handmade in Malaysia in small batches to ensure that each pack of treats is of the freshest quality. All Quăn treats are made from whole foods and human grade ingredients, and are easy to understand. We source our meats and ingredients from local suppliers and markets for freshest quality and to also benefit fellow Malaysian small business and vendors. Our treats are 100% natural and free from additives, preservatives, fillers and colouring. If we don’t put it on the ingredient list, it’s not in the treat.

Ultimately, we want only the best for our pets, and by extension, for everyone’s pets.

The QDT promise to our customers is this: “We will never feed your dog what we don’t already feed our own.”

We hope to educate pet owners, and dog owners in particular, that the best thing you can do for your dog is to let them be one. Quăn Dog Treats is handmade right here in Malaysia and is proud to be a piece of Malaysia.

Quan Dog Treats – Your dog deserves the best treats.
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