For 50 years, Mamee has remained close to the hearts of all Malaysians, with childhood memories spanning across generations anchored on the humble backstory of villagers in rural areas eating noodles straight out of the packet.

It was no instant success nevertheless. Originally named “Lucky” back in 1970, the first product launched in the instant noodle segment merely received a lukewarm response. With business struggling to see any light in sight, a change of fortune was on the horizon during a trip to a rural village where Mamee Monster noodle snack was eventually born and Mamee never looked back ever since. Till today, the iconic large, blue, and furry Monster is well-recognised by people from all walks of life and its image transcends beyond the product itself.

Over the years, more brands, products and characters were developed and launched – notably Mister Potato, Mamee Chef, Double Decker, Corntoz, Nutrigen, Cheers and others which holistically cover the instant noodles, snacks, beverage and biscuit segments. As of today, there are over 100 Mamee products in the market – both local and international – with more exciting, new, avant-garde products in the pipeline affixed on the re-developed, innovation centre in Subang Jaya and the full-fledged manufacturing factory in Malacca headquarters with Monstars – as the Mamee employees are known as – working hand-in-hand with various stakeholders, particularly our consumers.

Global partnerships with Manchester United Football Club, and pioneering a free kidney dialysis centre in Malacca for underprivileged locals are among the major milestones throughout the years. In addition, the opening of Mamee’s flagship store, named Mamee Jonker House, nestled in Jonker Street, Malacca back in 2013 serves as the ideal platform for Mamee enthusiasts to have direct interactions with the brand. Mamee Jonker House features a wide range of customer-centric areas for the benefit of its customers, namely, a souvenir store, a café, a noodle doodle and Mamee Monster workshops.

A World of Good Taste.
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