B Lokal

Online reviews and blogs have become an important source that allow consumers to search for detailed and reliable information by sharing past experiences. Given such recognition, the idea to start B Lokal was mounted when my business partner, Adam and I were having our afternoon tea on a working Sunday, challenging our minds on what we can do to assist the local travel and tourism industry as well as food entrepreneurs which has been hit the most by the Pandemic.

Adam and I came from the hospitality background in Malaysia for the past 20 years working with various hotels, resorts and F&B outlets promoting, selling and marketing them was all we knew in our whole life. By converting our knowledge, skills and experience into B Lokal is perfect for us due to the background that we were in. That is where the idea of B Lokal came which we have just started 2 months back.

We are a bunch of folks from Malaysia that are always curious and adventurous in discovering Malaysia’s unknown, unbelievable and untouched virgin of travel and food through the assessment of hotels, resorts and homestays as well as taste. We are true believers that; the best way of experiencing travel and food is through the eye of a local.

There are many travel and food review sites but what makes B Lokal unique and different is that we only review travel, places of interest and food in Malaysia. Our idea is to promote, encourage and engage more domestic travelling (especially during this pandemic) and food cravers which at the same time welcoming and introducing our beautiful, rich culture, heritage, food and spices of Malaysia to the world.

One of our main journeys is to rebuild the hospitality, travel, tourism, airline and food business through our reviews, posts and blogs so that travelers, diners, business owners’ as well as employees’ confidence and encouragement are restored to prepare for the great comeback of the entire industry.

We enjoy the concoction of travel and food wherever we are. Be it at work or holiday, business or leisure, travel and food are always in our mind.

Discover Travel & Food the Lokal Way!
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