A local artist with Siamese heritage, is an art lover that dives into making crafts art in her free time. 

Doubling as a well traveled person, she has witnessed how creative handmade jewellery can be a fun, self-sustaining endeavour in various other countries. After some searching, along with trial and error, Nitchanan discovered the independent arts movement here in Malaysia.

With the encouragement of her friends and family, she started innovating simple jewellery until landing on one specific idea : Merging Batik cloth with Origami into earrings. A union of both the traditional Malaysian and Japanese cultures.

Instead of paper alone, Batik cloth is used as reinforcement to safeguard it’s unique shape.

As a result: The Batik Origami earrings were launched to positive feedback.
Because every pair will never be exactly the same due to the handcrafting nature, Nitchanan embellishes each batch with a different twist and constantly attempts to keep the designs interesting.

Support Nitchanan_Art here.


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