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Amidst the MCO, Malaysians, expats and tourists from all walks of life were caught by a pleasant surprise as they were given a Rose or a Gerbera, by a group of young Malaysians in pink “Giffy” Shirts, holding huge white balloons and pushing a pink trolley full of flowers along the streets of Bukit Bintang. 

As part of “Spread The Love” campaign, 800 stalks of fresh flowers were given away for free by Giffy & Co to the public within 1.5 hours on a Saturday late afternoon, with the objective of cheering the public despite the negative impact of MCO.

Esda Meow, Founder of Giffy & Co, shares “Staying true to our mission of delivering happiness and also my personal belief of doing good deeds where possible, this activity brought our vision to life.  It is a touching moment to be able bring a smile to Malaysians in general, the tourists, mask-seller, buskers, the Middle Eastern chef and waiters, the little kids and the elderly, the less well to do and even to a guy in a Maserati.  We hope this nice act would bring the best out in everyone and remind them that there is always kindness around no matter how terrible the situation is.”

She added “Truth be told, it is challenging to maintain staffs without income from Events, Exhibition and Mall Décor industry during MCO and it has been a steep learning curve building a new company in a new industry from scratch.  We would like to encourage employers who struggle during MCO to stay brave, persist and pivot where necessary”. 

All APOM readers can enjoy 10% off flower or gift purchases by quoting “GiffyApom”. 

#kitajagakita #spreadthelove #giffyandco

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