Keldai is known with their parody-ness , combining all of the ideas and fusion references between vintage cartoons and Malaysian pop culture as it is easy to cross with unique international brands and icons.

Let me introduce myself. Im Shawnalyzer, personally im a digital artist/collector. I started this brand with selling vintage toys back in 2017 I get to know more collector and learn why toys are really mean to them. 

Everyone had their own childhood moments that can’t be forgotten.Cause that was the only phase that we only crave for unstoppable fun and happiness before we get into commitment.

Reminiscing the good old memories sometime can motivate us to be who we really are. 

So i decided to bring this message and turn them into movable message that can blend with Malaysian culture  .

KELDAI Its a combination between donkey(keldai) and BANDAI. Back in the days, Donkey was used to carry around goods or been taken as a transportation.

Align with our vision to carry the childhood memories to live by visualising it through our design. While BANDAI was famous with Animes, toys and Figura which you can see in our collections.. This is how the ideas of our brand was created.  

We Craft Your Childhood Memories.
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BentukBentuk® was founded in April 2016 as a result from our love and interest of making things from scratch. It was pivoted from being a desire to own a concrete planter, making the pieces ourselves then turned it into a business that is so dear and close to our heart after countless and months of experiments and hard work. As a husband and wife team, we enjoyed working together and spending time with each other. We love having this common interest, working and growing together towards the same goal. It is obvious, we love concrete and we love things that are handmade. We will choose something crooked that is handmade over a perfectly finished item made in factory. The common question that we get is “why concrete as our main material?”. The answer simply lies in the characteristic of concrete itself; it is being perceived and misjudged by many as a hard and cold materials used only in big construction without any beauty to be part of any home décor. We’d like to change that, we’d like people to really see the beauty beyond this perception, how fluid and flexible concrete can be when it comes to shape it based on the design, how can it bring so much warmth to the home décor when incorporated and how cool it can make your space looks!We love working with concrete as it does not require any power tools nor any complicated machine to begin with. All you need is cement, any aggregate of your choice, the right amount of water, your determination and basically you are done. As the world is moving into a faster pace by day, it is so liberating to be able to handmade our concrete pieces. It feels like we have the freedom to make anything that we have in mind and we do appreciate each step it takes before it is completed, almost asif watching a plant grow from seed to a tree despite the long hours it takes before it’s completed. All the sweat, tears, time, and love poured into the making process translated into this one piece of hand made concrete item that is uniquely made.Another question that were frequently asked is “Do you make it yourselves? How do you make it?” and we love seeing the awe and excitement when they learnt that it is 100% made by us, Malaysian. In Malaysia, handmade items are becoming rare as people are chasing for the perfection and they forgot that true beauty lies within each step of the process during making, not just the end product. It is the art of making via a slow process that captivates the experience. It is important to showcase to the world,what we as Malaysian can achieve, what we can produce ourselves and what we can feel proud of – not just some mass imported items made overseas and labelled as “Malaysian brand”. What we have is instrumental to Malaysia, it is a product made in Malaysia, using raw materials sourced in Malaysia, handmade and design with love by your fellow Malaysian. When people are looking for a brand or product that is truly Malaysia to showcase it internationally, we can proudly raise our hand and represent Malaysia in such way to show that Malaysia have local talents, ability and uniqueness of their own. This what drives us every single day and this fueled our thirst to embark this continuous journey to create a more unique design and hope it can speak more about our country and culture, that better represent the brand and our creativity. We are proud being Malaysian and we wanted that to show in our brand.

Handmade Concrete Decor.
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It was raining softly at Bukit Larut Taiping one late afternoon in 2012. I quickly called out to my children to walk quickly before it started to pour. Feeling panicky, my son pulled my shirt and I fell forward. Cracked I heard glasses cracked. I just realised when I fell, my SLR camera lens broken into pieces. Luckily I was not hurt, only some minor cuts on both my knees. We continued walking to a nearby shed while waiting for the rain to stop.
While at the shed, I said to myself, wouldn’t it be good if I’m wearing a pair of antislip sandals. That way I won’t fall and injured myself.
Back home, I decided to make antislip sandals. Using my knowledge in rubber, I tried and tried many times before I got it right. Combined with my passion for green products, finally Solewell Anti Slip Eco Sandals was created. Made in Malaysia for fellow Malaysians who want to have antislip sandals and support green products.

Steven Ng

Stepping Forward To Better Environment. Support Solewell here.


NITA is a cosmetics brand with a wide range of affordable & hypoallergenic makeup products. Ranging from lipsticks to foundation, we have over 100 products to choose from since our inception in 2017. Suited for multiple skin tones that represent our diversity, we make everyone feel right at home.

Inspired by illustrations and comic books, there is a character behind NITA. She represents women everywhere with big dreams to explore the world while carrying the virtues of Malaysia. Hence why NITA’s branding is fun, quirky & colourful – representing this country’s diversity.

NITA begins her story by introducing the cultures and traditions of Malaysia, as each journey always begins from home. Each collection comes in a different theme that tells a story that all of us can relate to from our nostalgic childhood.

Over the years, we have expanded our story to our local music scene, cuisines and movie industry to elevate the appreciation for our arts.  Whether it’s in the past, present or the future – NITA ultimately aspires to promote the beauty of our nation through different timelines and concepts, with high-quality affordable products.

Fun, quirky, high quality cosmetics with a wallet-friendly price.
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It all started with humble beginnings,  OpenMinds came to life with a big idea and no income and has since brought forth a business specializing in digital marketing technology and consultancy. For the longest time, OpenMinds has been passionate about education, so we have constantly been active in the university and startup scene in Malaysia, mentoring, guiding, and supporting students and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Noticing a gap in skill based learning and education for Malaysians, OpenAcademy was born. With the goal of adding value to people’s life, OpenAcademy set out on it’s education journey. 

We’ve made it a point to have only professionals and practitioners share real life insights picked up and learned over years of experience to our students. We believe in providing lifetime alumni support, to assure our students that there will always be time for them to connect and ask questions!

Fully understanding the struggles of cash flow to learn new skills, we produced kits like the Digital Marketing Starter Kit with the aim in mind to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs within Malaysia learn desired skills like digital marketing at an affordable rate.

As a startup ourselves, we have a vision to create an ecosystem by helping upskill the Malaysian market. Be on the lookout for more initiatives we intend to launch that will contribute to the growth of others by educating those looking to level themselves up.

Discover a new learning experience with OpenAcademy where we have practitioners share real life and practical insights learned from experience with clients directly to you. Support OpenAcademy here.

Nyonya Kain

Nyonya Kain brings to you the latest textiles, batik fashion clothing as well as handmade accessories for all. We practice a zero waste concept where we ensure every piece of fabric is fully utilized into all our products such as lanyards, wallets, pouches, tissue holders, twilly scarves, scrunchies and many more. We aim to bring back the art and culture from our past traditions and incorporate it into our everyday lifestyle, at the same time creating an awareness on the textile industry to the masses.

Our founder grew up in Melaka and has always been in love with the rich traditions from the Peranakan and Malay Archipelago culture. We infuse various peranakan textiles and designs into our products and aim to bring back the trend of batik and traditional attires in our modern lifestyle, for both men and women across all ages and backgrounds.

The name Nyonya Kain however, came about with it being ‘Nyonya’ as in ‘young lady/ girl’ and ‘Kain’ being our original business model selling textiles and batik products in its original forms. Put them together, it translates into the ‘Kain Lady’ hence the term our founder as the woman behind the brand and the lovely pieces we aim to share with everyone all over the world.

Since early July 2020, Nyonya Kain in collaboration MyDeliveryHeroes launched our #KitaJagaRiders initiative which one mask get donated to a rider for every set of two masks purchased. As at 22 July 2020, we have raised a total of 200 masks to be distributed to our delivery heroes within Klang Valley.

Nyonya Kain, bringing to you the most in-trend batik collectibles with the friendliest service.
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WORQ was founded in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur as one of the first large format coworking spaces in the Klang Valley, focused especially on creating a productivity community for Malaysian entrepreneurs, startup founders, micro, SME, Freelancers and even Malaysia’s own listed companies.

Started by two Malaysians, Stephanie Ping and Andrew Yeow with the vision of providing a different type of workspace, WORQ focuses not only on providing an outstanding physical workspace, but also by building a culture and a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and change.

This is a space where business leaders and founders can gather, gain support for their ideas and involve themselves in a nurturing environment for new businesses to begin their journey, learn from each other in the process, and ultimately thrive as new technologies and business ideas are brought to light and drive change and disruption to the Malaysian industries. Even Prince Charles has come to visit us to understand more!

WORQ has also formed strategic partnerships with the Malaysian government (MDEC and MaGIC), the investment community (500 Startups and Cradle Fund), Startup organizations, and many more during the course of our relatively short 3 year journey. As we see organisations of all sizes come through our doors, we also see the collaborations that occur when we place different businesses side by side. Imagination is sparked and collaboration naturally occurs as different thinkers and doers come together under our roof day in and day out.

We’ve seen thousands of businesses and individuals come through our doors, fostered countless dynamic interactions, events, meetups, seminars. Ideas are at the core of innovation, and we are proud to play a part in furthering Malaysia’s dynamic and growing entrepreneurship culture and disruption to industries.

Malaysia’s own large format coworking space with convenient locations at Bangsar South, TTDI, Subang and Mutiara Damansara. Support WORQ here.

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop started as a dream to make genuinely fresh ice cream for Malaysians. The brainchild of Edmund Tan and his wife, Lim Shiew Li, Inside Scoop was inspired by their love for ice cream and for wanting to create happy memories. This started when both of them noticed a gap in the premium ice cream market that was predominantly served by international chains. Thus, they set out to make great ice cream that is made fresh locally whilst creating imitable natural flavours.
The ice creams in Inside Scoop are freshly handcrafted from scratch using nature’s best ingredients that involve high quality ingredients to create smooth, ultra-creamytexture with no added artificial flavouring or preservatives. They are also made in small batches to allow the idea of creating wider range of awe-inspiring flavour from local favourites such as Durian, Cempedak, Teh Tarik, Cendol, Kopi Peng, Salted Gula Melaka to classics such as Vanilla Bean, Valrhona Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. Inside Scoop also ensures that the vegan and lactose-intolerant friends are taken care of by having an amazing range of non-dairy sorbets from Passionfruit sorbet being extremely refreshing to locally satisfying Coconut Sorbet. The first Inside Scoop opened in Bangsar late 2013 with 16 flavours, including the best sellers Durian and Valrhona Chocolate! Soon after, in July 2014, the second outlet in Damansara Jaya was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Penan Women Project

The mission of the Penan Women Project is to specifically help the Penan people to earn a stable income from the sales of their traditional crafts in contemporary designs – thus, enabling them taking their first step towards financial independence.

The process of working with new materials (other than rattan) and newer designs enabled the weavers gain new skills and broaden their knowledge about how much they can do with their skills;  most importantly, these women weavers also gained much self-confidence and empowering them to have the courage to explore new products and markets.

These new sense of ‘can-do’ attitude lifts spirits of not only the weavers, but also their families and communities, as they know that they can and do have skills which are marketable and appreciated by others.  This opens a pathway to a brighter future for them and their communities.

A single PWP product purchase creates multiple positive ripples in lives of a Penan and her community.

Kantan Kitchen

It is all started from the joy of enjoying cooking for family, neighbours, and friends. Kantan Kitchen then was born. From the recipes that were just simply been attempted for their own taste and suddenly was led to an idea of fusion the multiracial Malaysian into it!


Malaysian most favourite dish. When mentioning curry, uniquely we have various types of curry – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and all ethics in Malaysia love to eat curry. Kantan Kitchen was inspired by the recipe “Golden Pillow”, a flavoursome cake from Kampar that is famous among the Chinese. The actual plan pursuing an online course at the earlier part of our foodie diary was only for cooking attempts for family meals managed to appease many people. From there the Kitchen Kantan started. The delicacy bread we serve is homemade with pure love. Only based at home, the production of bread from Kantan Kitchen is made fresh from the oven every day straight to catch each customer’s heart from the first bite, just pure love! The gravy curry bread dish is no stranger to us, Malaysians. Malay, Chinese, Indian or other ethnic utmostly enjoyed eating curry in many ways. Yes! Malaysian when it comes to food we are definitely the most creative people in the world. Food makes us come together, sit together, eat together and even uplift one another.

It goes viral day by day when we first started. Word of mouth, finally in 2019, Kantan Kitchen was invited to make a cooking demo in Malaysia Today channel. It was all thanks for the support from all family and friends. Even now, a stranger became our friendliest customer.

HIDDEN CURRY MUSHROOM BREAD ARE OUR SIGNATURE. Curry recipes from the thick and viscous North are also full of spices. Since then the demand has been higher. Kantan Kitchen tremendously wants to serve the best to fill in happiness from food in our customer tummy.

In every business there are ups and downs. Everyday is a learning in our kitchen to ensure the taste and texture of our bread always brings satisfaction to customers. We will continue to innovate recipes with Malaysian flavors. Importantly, every feed can be enjoyed together regardless of race, old or young, because bread and curry are also one of the dishes of our country theme, like nasi lemak and roti canai as well Kantan Kitchen, roti cicah kari. My hope is one day in a small cafe on the outskirts of the city. 

Kantan kitchen we served freshly bun everyday where you can enjoy the taste of Malaysia unite in one big bun. Sedap baq hang!!! 
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