Penan Women Project

The mission of the Penan Women Project is to specifically help the Penan people to earn a stable income from the sales of their traditional crafts in contemporary designs – thus, enabling them taking their first step towards financial independence.

The process of working with new materials (other than rattan) and newer designs enabled the weavers gain new skills and broaden their knowledge about how much they can do with their skills;  most importantly, these women weavers also gained much self-confidence and empowering them to have the courage to explore new products and markets.

These new sense of ‘can-do’ attitude lifts spirits of not only the weavers, but also their families and communities, as they know that they can and do have skills which are marketable and appreciated by others.  This opens a pathway to a brighter future for them and their communities.

A single PWP product purchase creates multiple positive ripples in lives of a Penan and her community.


Our vision is to become a university for mothers. At Ibupreneur, we aim to empower financially dependent and vulnerable mothers with their own depth of struggles to grow into micro-entrepreneurs right from their home-ready skills, such as baking.

It all started as a pilot project when the team met in Youth Leadership Academy 2019, a social entrepreneurial initiative by McKinsey & Co. Managed to increase 128% home-baked sales of our Ibus, we pledged to stay for our Ibus.

To ensure sustainable impact, we engage our Ibus in training workshops to uplift their skills. Starting with just 4 Ibus, they now have their own team to cater to bulk orders. And this is how we know our Ibus are empowered to empower more Ibus, creating greater impact. As of date, we have 8 mothers onboarded.

In the long run, we hope to repeat this scalable model in other stages of our supply chain, not limiting to just baking, packaging, offline and digital marketing, logistics, and customer relations.

While reviving “a piece” of Malaysia’s traditional recipes, we want to build a successful community that supports and join our impact towards enabling women empowerment.

Ibupreneur – Your choice of dessert empowers our Ibus.
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Komuniti Tukang Jahit

Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ) also known as Tailors Community of Malaysia was established in 2018 with a mission in mind- and it is to empower women of the household. We aim to empower women from the B40 community; single mothers, stay-at-home moms, and underprivileged women to be able to generate their own income through the job opportunities and sewing skills provided.

When we just started out, our tailors were only given clothing designs to sew, and it wasn’t considered a fast-moving sale item that would fly of the shelves. For every piece sold, that particular order is given to a tailor who would take it home to sew and complete.  But as the demand decreases and the supply increases for sewing jobs, we knew that we had to do something. Especially when we found out what we were actually doing was called “Impact-development”!

As it all played out so accidentally- KTJ continuously source and provide job opportunities to the community by focusing towards the delivery of products within the gifting industry. Such as corporate gifts, fashion items, and tourist souvenirs. One of KTJ’s main identity is the “Malaysian-touch”. The idea came about when we were making products with the Malaysian cultural fabrics. Most of our items are designed and decorated with the 3 main elements that portrays the colours of Malaysia, the songket/batik, the saree and also the cheongsam fabric.

We hope to continuously create job opportunities for our community of women, and through this sustainable business model we hope to continue this movement and expand it to other states. Now we have more than 50 women tailors who are actively taking orders from us, and are able to earn a sustainable income to support their families. Apart from providing the home-base tailors with upskill training and sewing jobs, we hope that in the near future, we would want attend to their family’s well-being, such as education or insurance coverage.

The support of corporate procurements would help not one but many families instantaneously, and it is because a bulk order would require more hands to sew them – hence more job orders to be shared out. And last but not least, “impact buying” will not only help families in need but it will run the economy in a sustainable manner- where things purchased can bring about a positive meaning. Instead of things that are made in mass by factories & prices that are constantly pushed for promotion or discounts. Every support counts – we do wish that more corporations would consider Buying-With-Impact while supporting and giving back to the community!

“Empowering Women, One Household at a Time Support”
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PichaEats has one mission, which is to serve you great food while providing an opportunity for refugees in Malaysia to start a new life.

It all started back in 2016, when a group of university students who were volunteering at a refugee learning centre witnessed that many of their students dropped out of school due to financial issues at home. 

Seeing this problem, the volunteering teachers asked themselves a question, “How can we help parents from the refugee community to be financially sustainable and send their children for education?”

A meal with a refugee student in 2016 sparked an idea, “If the refugee community can cook and everyone needs to eat everyday, why not sell food home prepared by refugees with their authentic traditional recipe to customers?”

With this simple idea, we started bringing food from countries that we can hardly visit anymore to Malaysians. From Syrian desserts to Afghan dumplings, from Palestinian Mandi rice to Pakistani keema – bringing more flavours and stories to Malaysians who love food!

Since then, we’ve served more than 200,000 meals, giving a delicious platform for Malaysians to make a difference in the world just by enjoying a good meal.

We want to make Malaysians proud and put our country on the map – that we can have a sustainable solution to one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in the world right now.


1 in 10 Malaysian women are victims of domestic abuse.

It struck a chord inside that whilst many of us complain about staying home to stay safe, some others can’t feel safe at home.

#KadsForKawans is an initiative to help raise funds and awareness for victims of domestic abuse, whilst reviving the charm of snail mail. With so much kindness circulating amongst my loved ones throughout MCO, stocking each other’s pantries with the tastiest kuihs, sourdough and tau-fu-fah from afar, I wanted to create something that us Malaysians could so easily use to spread the love. Staying connected is key whilst we all isolate.

It came to me that postcards are the perfectly affordable yet thoughtful option. After all, who doesn’t love a personal touch mixed in with a sprinkle of nostalgia? To make things easier, I volunteered myself as a service–send in your messages, and I’ll write & post them out for you. Though this got a little taxing for a one-man job and we’re now selling sets in store!

To me, #KadsForKawans propagates the kindness and hospitality of us Malaysians, always thinking of each other, even from a distance. Besides Raya cards to saudara-saudari in Perlis, Kedah and Singapore who can’t cross borders this season, we’ve had cards flying to Switzerland, Australia, Vietnam, U.S.A and Bangkok to name a few. 

Even more importantly, we’ve gotten the conversation going on social media; acquaintances and fellow artists were even inspired to start their own fundraisers for the WAO and other charities! Let us all do good, together.

Quan Choy – Malaysian illustrator. To check out her illustrations, or for collaborations & commissions, visit her Instagram @quan.creates. #KadsForKawans will be available in stores & online til the end of June. Support Quan here.

Dreamr Malaysia

Over half of rural households in Sarawak live more than 9km away from secondary schools – that’s ten times farther than the national average. The distance is not the only problem, as more than a thousand of these schools are in poor or critical condition.

Dreamr supports children’s education through sales of products inspired by their creativity.

In an official collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Dreamr organizes Art Competitions between elementary school students in remote communities to develop art talents. The top drawings get featured on our sleek T-shirts, which are sold to fund these children’s education. For every t-shirt sold, one Dreamr backpack is delivered to a student in need.

We are proud to exemplify and support the Malaysian identity in everything we do – our products are designed by Malaysian children, manufactured in Malaysia, and feature Malaysian Wildlife art. Our social enterprise aims to provide more opportunities for young generations in B40 communities across the country.

But we don’t only bring value to the communities we support, we also create products that are unmatched in quality at our price range. All our t-shirts are 200gsm, 100% cotton, with CMYK printing, produced using the latest cutting edge equipment. Not to mention the design – an award winning art piece created by one of the most artistically talented children in the country.

Aside from our sleek tees, we also provide turnkey CSR projects to local corporates such as Aeon and HappyFresh, handling everything from the planning stages until completion and reporting/PR. You can visit our CSR section here.

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About sew X dignity

At sew X dignity, all our products are lovingly made by our youth or women/mothers from the refugee and underprivileged community in Malaysia. This is part of a transformational enterprise at Dignity for Children Foundation that brings together the best of academic learning and hands-on, real-world experiences for a vibrant education that dismantles the walls between traditional classrooms and the real world.

Our sewing workshop trains youth on the fundamentals of design, sewing and crafting under skilled seamstresses. Not just that, but students learn skills like costing, marketing and customer service as they make and sell products – basically how to start up their own little enterprise in the future. 

Using recycled and donated fabrics, we transform them into quirky and unique bags, scarves and pouches for sale. Tying it all together of the academic and practical learning is the training of the heart, the development of character and the formation of solid work ethics and moral values.

All profits are channeled back to the Foundation to train more students.

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sew X dignity is a transformational enterprise that aims to help youth break the cycle of poverty through education, skill & employment … in style! Support sew x dignity HERE.