Rhymba Hills

Rhymba Hills® tea was founded in 2014 due to the founder’s health issues which plagued her due to her stressful lifestyle. She was overweight, suffered from low self-esteem and wanted to turn to natural lifestyle to overcome these.

She realised that the market lacked local herbal infusion which are aromatic, tasty and also sugar free and caffeine free. Thus, she began to artisanally hand-craft blends of 100% Malaysian ingredients ensuring the blends does not contain any artificial ingredients, using only natural ingredients like Lemongrass, Pandan, Bentong Ginger, etc to help herself. When she realised she benefited from these ingredients, she decided to market the products to others, who may need help with better sleep, better digestion, better energy, to destress, etc.

Upon seeing the good response of customers who are looking for local, caffeine free, sugar free infusion tea, she proceeded to obtain JAKIM Halal certification, so that their Muslim friends can also enjoy the infusion with confidence.

Also, to keep the blends fresh and eco-friendly, all the blends are individually packed in foil and packed in plastic free packaging.

The founder has always been a staunch believer of giving back. Part of the proceeds are donated to a local educational community as part of our CSR initiative.

Rhymba Hills® is proud to be known as a 100% Malaysian product.

Aromatic, Tasty, All Natural, Caffeine Free Beverage from Malaysia, to the World. Support Rhymba Hills here.

ONE® Condoms Malaysia

HIV is remains amongst the deadliest diseases affecting people across the globe today. According to the latest statistics provided by the Malaysian AIDS Council, over 80% of new HIV infections occur by way of sexual transmission and almost 45% of all new HIV transmissions involve persons under the age of 30. These statistics are a stark reminder that HIV remains a disease that is increasingly affecting the younger population and that there is still plenty of work to do if we are to continue building towards a generation completely free from this disease.

ONE® Condoms was introduced to Malaysians back in 2015 with the aim of employing innovative technology and creative products to encourage more open conversations about sexual health. We have since worked alongside universities and notable NGOs to promote responsible condom usage and encourage all forms of self-expression and communication by providing an impartial, convenient and accessible source of sexual health information for our customers.

Some examples of how we have used innovation to break the stigma around sexual health and get people comfortable enough to talk about sex in a manner free from taboo includes creating condoms in fun local flavours. These have included limited edition condom flavour runs of Malaysia’s King of Fruit, Durian to all-time Malaysian favourites like Nasi Lemak Panas, Perisa Rendang and Teh Tarik Kurang Manis.

Ultimately, ONE® Condoms sole mission is to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste, and safer sex as second nature as wearing a seatbelt to ultimately build a future generation completely free from HIV.

The ONE® Condoms brand is a proud part of the Karex group of companies, that was originally founded in the late 1980s in Johor, Malaysia and has since become the world’s largest condom manufacturer.

ONE® Condoms is available in major pharmacies, convenience stores and on our official stores on Lazada & Shopee!

ONE® Condoms strives to increase condom usage and facilitate conversations about sexual health by surprising, delighting, and engaging people in ways no one else can. Support ONE® Condoms here and here.

Idolci Gelato

The personality behind Idolci Gelato, Gigi Teoh has been making Traditional Ice Cream in Malaysia since 2002 and probably the first Malaysian Gelato chef at that time. Back then, Gigi embarked on a journey to Italy to master and improve the art of perfecting gelato recipes. Before receiving her true calling in Gelato (Italian word for Ice Cream), making pastries was her first love, having worked in the pastry division of renown restaurants and hotels such as Four Seasons, and the Ritz Carlton Millennia in Singapore.

Today, Idolci Gelato is a Malaysian home-grown brand that has gained recognition as our fan base continue to grow by the day. More and more people learn to appreciate Gelato made the traditional artisan way. Machines used to produce our Gelato are designed back in the 1980’s allowing our Gelato to be conventionally tastier, intense and presents itself in a more luxurious form.

Playing our role in the community, the team employed to assist from the early start-up days up till now are actually “deaf” individuals. We have trained them and they have contributed their effort in parts of the gelato making and delivery process. We are probably the only Ice Cream or Gelato producer in this country that has continue to employ and train deaf individuals. Their dedication and commitment are shown in the faces of our customers when they brighten up or have their eyes closed when our Gelato goes into their mouths – Yahh..that feeling 😊.

Certified “Halal” by Jakim, our Gelato has been through many events and served to many local and foreign dignitaries and celebrities in Malaysia. Known for our ability to uniquely cater and tailor make different flavours based on different market requirements, Idolci Gelato are always sought after during special celebrations and festivals. Our stringent process in selecting quality ingredients to make Gelato the traditional way, has earned praises from many hotel and restaurant chef’s that associate with us.

Salted Egg Gelato, or Teh Tarik Gelato anyone?  You name it, We make it!

A Malaysian company, combining the art acquired from Europe in making Gelato (ice cream) better and easily available for Malaysians to savour. Support Idolci Gelato here.

Tale Socks

Let us tell you the tale behind the Tale Socks. Our long and colorful journey started in November 2019, when a young entrepreneur set out to explore the world. He searched for five years and developed the perfect combination of style, quality, and comfort in a design as unique as you.

Socks are not just an article of clothing. At Tale Socks, we believe that they carry the full weight of your own personal story. The socks that we wear are more intimate than a bold statement. What you have on your ankles is a tale of your confidence. This all adds up as a tale yet to be told. Tale Socks has developed the best possible ways for you to tell it. 

Our mission is to combine the world’s best designs, and the most premium fabric, and stitch it with care and perfection for the ideal experience that you deserve. The idea is to blend comfort and ease with style and class all in a single product. Tale Socks is beyond what you see on the shelves everywhere. We provide an elite class of products that are beyond the vision of mediocre products. 

Welcome to the tale of new and exciting designs, inspired by local Malaysian art and culture. They are bound to please your aesthetic sense and appeal to the artistic mind with nostalgia. We strive to make sure that we always have various options, each just as classy and best in quality as the previous, so nothing comes between you and your next favourite pair of socks. 

TALESOCKS ‘Malaysia’s Most Comfortable Socks Ever, A high-quality sock that combines unique designs and craftsmanship’ .
Support Tale Socks here.


Est. 2004, BROS started by selling single-coloured water bottles, but we believed that reusable water bottles can do much more. A year later, we had an idea to print fun designs and inspiring messages onto our bottles, transforming this daily necessity into an accessory of style. We pushed the limit of traditional canvas and transformed water bottles into a medium to celebrate art. It was contagious, and we have not stopped since. Until now, we are still telling stories through our products, putting more emphasis on the narratives we share in our design.

BROS 2020 “HOME IS _______.” collection brings us back to our roots, taking inspiration from our mundane everyday life in Malaysia. Malaysia is home to many things: the King of Fruits, the world’s largest flower, the Malayan Tapir and many more, but essentially it is home to all Malaysians. The collection is a reminder of home as it chips in our appreciation on the beauty of this uniquely multi-faceted Malaysian culture, whether it be a pattern, an object, a type of food, a place or a memorable story. It aims to raise a social dialogue on what Malaysia is within the hearts of Malaysian, engaging everyone to discover the details of our somehow cluttered but often overlooked everyday life. We’ve told our side of story and would love to hear yours too!

The collection consists of 60 water bottles, each with a different story. We’ve incorporated QR codes into them, you can read the story with just a scan. Here’s the making of our 2020 “HOME IS ________.” collection. Watch as the designers explain the story behind their favourite bottle design, as it features their own perspective on what Malaysia is to them and re-exploring elements that are uniquely Malaysia.

We have always believed in the incredible homegrown creative talents ever since we started. With that in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to support local artistic talents, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their design. We collaborated with 4 local artists – fritilldea, Ranerrim, Brindha Kumar and Loka Made on the Limited-Edition “Artist Series”, to share their diverse perspective on what “HOME IS _______”. It’s a collection to celebrate being Malaysian and a slice of real Malaysian life.

#fillitup and celebrate the little things in life with BROS.
Support BROS here.

JidKay Artworks

Like most Sydneysiders, I was eager to see the city’s most talked about building, the iconic Opera House.

I was in University then, studying fine arts and design in Sydney. The Opera House was a spectacular sight the minute I saw it ! It captivated me to a point I just had to buy souvenirs of the iconic structure. Being an artist, I wanted something unique. Of course I also wanted to memoire from my travels, in the form of souvenirs.

There, merchandise by an Australian artist, Ken Done captured my attention. He used vibrant colors and captured the essence of Australia well. His artwork evoked such love from me that it stayed in my mind and thoughts since.

I returned to Malaysia after completing my studies and was greeted with Kuala Lumpur’s amazing transformation. We have our very own iconic building, the Petronas Twin Towers. Since my return, many of my foreign friends came visiting, with me playing host. When it was time to buy souvenirs, we noticed there was no uniqueness and creativity to the gifts. The quality of the local products caught me by surprise and felt that it could be better.

Ken Done’s work on the Sydney Opera House came to mind and lingered in my head. I thought, why can’t the Petronas Twin Towers be done in this style. I cannot recall seeing an artistic version of the famous landmarks with the artist’s own interpretation to it.

The idea of souvenir merchandise grew from there. It is with national pride and joy when I see people enjoying and taking back a little piece of Malaysia with them.

JidKay Artworks – Life In Colour
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The Venopian Solitude

The Venopian Solitude started when Taka was kicked out of a cover band. The band is a collective of people who were at some point were kicked out of their previous band.

While being outcasts doesn’t mean much for Malaysia, our music probably does. It is a rojak of genres, jumping from hip hop, to hard rock to irama melayu, spoken in classic-esque Malay, and accompanied by our stage getup that is influenced by baju melayu and batik.

The Venopian Solitude(TVS) is not something you would want to enjoy listening on your Spotify; it is something that you need to experience with your own eyes by immersing yourself in their performance. Support The Venopian Solitude here.


RIUH was founded in August 2017 to champion local products, arts, culture and talents. Think of it as a place where all things local are lifted up and celebrated, from products, food, music and art. At the time, there was a missing link in the creative ecosystem–an all-in-one consistent platform to champion all things local. We wanted to change that, and thus RIUH was born, connecting creative entrepreneurs, creators and artists to the community, and showing people that Malaysia, truly boleh!  

In these unprecedented times of Covid-19, our events are temporarily on hold, but we’re still highlighting all things homegrown and locally made via our online channels!

RIUH is a curated creative platform that hosts an eclectic array of pop-up stores, international and local food, creative workshops, showcases and live acts. Support RIUH here.

Biji Biji

Realizing the influence a fashion brand can bring to social and environmental issues, Biji Biji aims to raise the bar through our commitment to sustainable and ethical standards in Malaysia. Disrupting the typical manufacturing process and encouraging a circular economy with a refreshing take on up-cycled materials.

Fast-changing trends drive wastefulness to an all-time high as products are produced in enormous scales, placing fashion as the second most polluting industry in the world. Our products are intentionally made using materials recovered at their end-of-life stage from a range of industries such as:

  • Faulty seat belt webbing from the car manufacturing industry
  • Deadstock vintage kimono from the Japanese textile manufacturing industry
  • Tarpaulin banners from the advertising industry
  • Needle punch carpet from the event industry

By incorporating up-cycled materials into aesthetically designed bags and apparel, we are restoring and increasing the value of the materials, closing the loop by breathing new life into once unwanted materials.

At Biji Biji, we believe in providing fair wages to our tailors and uplifting our communities. We are dedicated to producing ethically made and ethically sourced products. We have partnered with multiple Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and the underprivileged in Malaysia, and are actively looking out for more meaningful partnerships. We aim to provide an ethical way to build livelihoods. We commit RM91 for a day’s work to our production partners. Our product piece rate for tailors is calculated based on this amount. This rate is 60% higher than the national minimum wage of RM54 per day.

We believe in transparency and ethical practices in our production. And we strive to do better and create a positive impact every day.

Sustainability In Style. Support Biji Biji here.


GoCar Malaysia is a homegrown on-demand car-sharing platform that allows you to book a car by the hour or day via the GoCar app. We started with 5 cars in Klang Valley in 2015 with two simple notions — to make booking a car easier and car-sharing as an alternative to car ownership in Malaysia. We then embarked on a mission to transform the way we think about transportation to make Malaysia greener and smarter through the concept of car-sharing.

GoCar offers a variety of car models including sedans, crossover SUVs, MPVs, and pickup trucks to cater to different types of occasion such as running errands, weekend getaways, romantic dinner dates, camping trips or even a long drive out of the city. 

You can now book a GoCar from RM5.90/hour or RM59/day inclusive of insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, road tax, and unlimited mileage. We are keeping our prices affordable to make GoCar accessible to as many people as possible. We have over 1,000 GoCars available across 400 locations in 7 states in Malaysia such as Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Johor, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Perak and Penang. It doesn’t matter if you have a P licence, International Driving Permit or if you’re 75 years old, #TakeGoCar to kickstart your adventure.

GoCar Malaysia is an on-demand car sharing platform that allows you to book a car by the hour or day via the GoCar app.  Support GoCar here.