Japanese Stores in Suria KLCC


From where it started off as a supermarket in the 80s, today, Muji offers a whole suite of quality minimalistic lifestyle goods at a rather fair price tag. You won’t find Muji’s versions of hotel or cafe stores on Malaysian shores, yet. But, you will discover Muji’s 1 of over 700 global stores with exceptional in-store experience on Level 2 in Suria KLCC. Like a mini departmental store, where less is indeed more, Muji Suria KLCC is stocked with neatly laid out everyday essentials and wood-furnishings that are trend-indifferent. Each product has been crafted and expressed in Japanese aesthetics. Simplicity at its best!

MUJI has outlets in Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, 1 Utama, Avenue K
Credits – https://www.instagram.com/captain_zed/


Amidst the shift in the habit of consuming books through the means of Kindle devices or PDFs, nothing beats holding a physical copy of a book in your hand. Consider getting yourself lost in a maze of latest releases, best sellers, classic reprints, collector’s edition, curated books and magazines at this semi double-floored book store on the highest floor of Suria KLCC. On Level 4, you could enter Kinokuniya KLCC through the kids and stationery section (closer to Little Penang Cafe) or through the magazines and best sellers (closer to Petrosains) to find yourself greeted by shelves brimming with books waiting to be browsed by you. After having completed your loot of book purchases, you could sip, eat and read at O’Coffee Club Express (often known as Kinokuniya Cafe) on the upper floor. It tends to be brighter up there with views of the KLCC Park and water fountain.

Two floors and thousands of square feet of books, stationery, posters, comics, magazines from all around the world
Credits – https://www.instagram.com/kreso_glavac/


Foodies and occasional fashionista, unite! Come right into this Japanese departmental store to shop for stylish and quality clothes, cosmetics and replenish your shopping stamina at the supermarket’s mini food hall. Isetan departmental store occupies several floors in Suria KLCC where each level represents the gents, ladies and kids + homeware + stationery section. What’s time-worthy is the ready-made to-go bento boxes, onigiris, sushi slices and freshly pressed and glass-bottled juices from Isetan Supermarket. This lively food area is located on the Concourse Level. Be warned, though, that it gets crowded at this section of the mall as tourists flock in to get their hands on last-minute Malaysian snack specialties. What specialty? We’re talking durian flavored everything.

Isetan Supermarket in Suria KLCC on Level Concourse
Credits – https://www.instagram.com/managami/


Did it ever cross your mind that the words UNIQLO is a combination of unique + qlothing? The letter Q would have been a C if the administrator at the business registrar hadn’t misread the letters Uniclo as Uniqlo. But alas, it all worked out. Decades later, Uniqlo is now 1,000 store-strong and is driven mainly by providing clothing staples and producing hip clothing partnerships. A few of their widely known clothing collaborations include Keith Haring, ramen the noodle, Pharrell Williams, Doraemon, McDonald’s, Frozen and you-name-it, they-would-have-likely-accomplished-it. If you have decided to visit Malaysia by traveling very light, without realizing that the heat here is of a humid kind, get your new change of pieces of functional clothing from Uniqlo. Uniqlo in Suria KLCC is located on the Concourse Level, opposite The Body Shop and Cold Storage Supermarket.

Uniqlo Corner Lot Suria KLCC
Credits – https://www.instagram.com/mimimaneerat/


There is not much point traveling thousands of miles to the host country to seek out its foreign imports. Better than tea leaves or the usually accessible spices, we recommend acquiring your booty of Malaysianized souvenirs in the form of t-shirts, keychains, trucker caps, mugs and tote bags from none other than A Piece Of Malaysia, APOM.my. At APOM, every piece of item is topped with generous touches of Malaysian culture and reflects the humor of the nation that transcends borders. If you’ve been following the world news, it won’t be too hard for you to resonate with the local comedy. You can be sure that your purchased goods from this store won’t just be one of those “I went to Malaysia and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.

Credits – https://www.instagram.com/apom.my/

PS: Apom or sometimes called ‘apom balik’ or ‘apam balik‘, is what you would call the street pancake that looks fluffy with crisp-cornered on the outside, and filled with creamed corn and chopped peanuts on the inside.

Apom balik appam balik cream corn bananas nuts
Credits – https://www.instagram.com/cc_gan/

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