The Apom Story

“Patriotism takes a different form in our generation, and will be more so in my children’s generation.

It was circa 2016 so much was happening, the country and its biggest political scandal, my partner and I starting out as young parents, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the country, wanting to migrate but still can’t lose that burning passion to better the creativity work in Malaysia.

“ Why can’t the stuff from Malaysia look better!!!??“

We launched Apom’s first t-shirt series, ‘The Slang Series’ with bold sarcastic humourous statements that relates to the real sentiments amongst the Malaysians. We wanted to tell it like how it is in Malaysia, celebrating our unique culture; and laughing at the politics rest.

We also wanted be a platform for other local brands to showcase their products. Together we are going to let the world know that Malaysia brands ada standard lah!!

Many times we try to run a campaign supporting the local macam we are backed by the government with 2.6billion, padahal we takda bajet…


To be able to express our patriotism for the country through the creative work we put out in APOM is a dream come true.

The love is very simple when politics is not in the mix.

— Chantelle

APOM is a lifestyle brand that makes witty, bold, statement products about the Malaysian culture and its latest topics.
Support APOM here.


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