Biji Biji

Realizing the influence a fashion brand can bring to social and environmental issues, Biji Biji aims to raise the bar through our commitment to sustainable and ethical standards in Malaysia. Disrupting the typical manufacturing process and encouraging a circular economy with a refreshing take on up-cycled materials.

Fast-changing trends drive wastefulness to an all-time high as products are produced in enormous scales, placing fashion as the second most polluting industry in the world. Our products are intentionally made using materials recovered at their end-of-life stage from a range of industries such as:

  • Faulty seat belt webbing from the car manufacturing industry
  • Deadstock vintage kimono from the Japanese textile manufacturing industry
  • Tarpaulin banners from the advertising industry
  • Needle punch carpet from the event industry

By incorporating up-cycled materials into aesthetically designed bags and apparel, we are restoring and increasing the value of the materials, closing the loop by breathing new life into once unwanted materials.

At Biji Biji, we believe in providing fair wages to our tailors and uplifting our communities. We are dedicated to producing ethically made and ethically sourced products. We have partnered with multiple Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and the underprivileged in Malaysia, and are actively looking out for more meaningful partnerships. We aim to provide an ethical way to build livelihoods. We commit RM91 for a day’s work to our production partners. Our product piece rate for tailors is calculated based on this amount. This rate is 60% higher than the national minimum wage of RM54 per day.

We believe in transparency and ethical practices in our production. And we strive to do better and create a positive impact every day.

Sustainability In Style. Support Biji Biji here.


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