What if you can wear the change?

INKAA is a collaborative effort with grassroots organisations and artisans in Malaysia, and specialises in handmade batik and mengkuang-based products. We strive to create beautiful products, while promoting more understanding and communication between our customers and the people we work with. It is a brand that celebrates people, and appreciates the power of storytelling (fun fact: each product is hand signed by the maker, and we invite you to read their amazing stories on our website) . 

As a social enterprise, we believe that: 

  1. Social mission doesn’t need to be sacrificed for profit.

We partner with marginalised communities and local artisans to produce our products, and ensure fair wages.

  1. Every contribution has a value that deserves appreciation

Every product is hand-signed by the maker and we encourage our customers to learn her/his story on our website.

  1. Each small empowerment effort triggers big impact 

We are committed to grassroots empowerment efforts, at every stage of our production process.

  1. Diversity and craftsmanship should be celebrated 

Each of our handmade product is a labour of passion and perseverance.

INKAA is a social enterprise that aims to empower people and honour Malaysian heritage by focusing on batik and mengkuang-based products with contemporary designs. Support INKAA here.


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