iCOMMUNITY was started in 2017 when the founder, Gan noticed that many young entrepreneurs fail in their business as they have no one to talk to whenever they’re facing business challenges.

Gan saw how the education system is not designed to produce entrepreneurs, where the application of knowledge is far more important than memorising theories.

With the background as a consultant, Gan knew that many businesses can grow if the root-cause of issues are identified in an early stage and if business owners have the right mindset, tools & skills set to push through it.

Gan decided to tackle this issue through education, where he started an eco-system – iCOMMUNITY, where he helps business owners to troubleshoot business challenges, and learn new knowledge in managing a business. His philosophy is to promote business knowledge via experiential learning.

Since 2017, iCOMMUNITY has coaches business owners from various industries and age groups. Especially in this challenging time for business, Gan hopes to be able to support more business owners through his experience.

Support iCOMMUNITY here.


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