Rhymba Hills

Rhymba Hills® tea was founded in 2014 due to the founder’s health issues which plagued her due to her stressful lifestyle. She was overweight, suffered from low self-esteem and wanted to turn to natural lifestyle to overcome these.

She realised that the market lacked local herbal infusion which are aromatic, tasty and also sugar free and caffeine free. Thus, she began to artisanally hand-craft blends of 100% Malaysian ingredients ensuring the blends does not contain any artificial ingredients, using only natural ingredients like Lemongrass, Pandan, Bentong Ginger, etc to help herself. When she realised she benefited from these ingredients, she decided to market the products to others, who may need help with better sleep, better digestion, better energy, to destress, etc.

Upon seeing the good response of customers who are looking for local, caffeine free, sugar free infusion tea, she proceeded to obtain JAKIM Halal certification, so that their Muslim friends can also enjoy the infusion with confidence.

Also, to keep the blends fresh and eco-friendly, all the blends are individually packed in foil and packed in plastic free packaging.

The founder has always been a staunch believer of giving back. Part of the proceeds are donated to a local educational community as part of our CSR initiative.

Rhymba Hills® is proud to be known as a 100% Malaysian product.

Aromatic, Tasty, All Natural, Caffeine Free Beverage from Malaysia, to the World. Support Rhymba Hills here.


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