Penan Women Project

The mission of the Penan Women Project is to specifically help the Penan people to earn a stable income from the sales of their traditional crafts in contemporary designs – thus, enabling them taking their first step towards financial independence.

The process of working with new materials (other than rattan) and newer designs enabled the weavers gain new skills and broaden their knowledge about how much they can do with their skills;  most importantly, these women weavers also gained much self-confidence and empowering them to have the courage to explore new products and markets.

These new sense of ‘can-do’ attitude lifts spirits of not only the weavers, but also their families and communities, as they know that they can and do have skills which are marketable and appreciated by others.  This opens a pathway to a brighter future for them and their communities.

A single PWP product purchase creates multiple positive ripples in lives of a Penan and her community.


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