It all started with humble beginnings,  OpenMinds came to life with a big idea and no income and has since brought forth a business specializing in digital marketing technology and consultancy. For the longest time, OpenMinds has been passionate about education, so we have constantly been active in the university and startup scene in Malaysia, mentoring, guiding, and supporting students and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Noticing a gap in skill based learning and education for Malaysians, OpenAcademy was born. With the goal of adding value to people’s life, OpenAcademy set out on it’s education journey. 

We’ve made it a point to have only professionals and practitioners share real life insights picked up and learned over years of experience to our students. We believe in providing lifetime alumni support, to assure our students that there will always be time for them to connect and ask questions!

Fully understanding the struggles of cash flow to learn new skills, we produced kits like the Digital Marketing Starter Kit with the aim in mind to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs within Malaysia learn desired skills like digital marketing at an affordable rate.

As a startup ourselves, we have a vision to create an ecosystem by helping upskill the Malaysian market. Be on the lookout for more initiatives we intend to launch that will contribute to the growth of others by educating those looking to level themselves up.

Discover a new learning experience with OpenAcademy where we have practitioners share real life and practical insights learned from experience with clients directly to you. Support OpenAcademy here.


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