Vechnology comes from the name of “Vending Technology” and it reflects our ability as a first mover of home-grown OEM vending machine assembler in Southeast Asia who focuses on providing IoT, SaaS solutions and mechanical design for handling consumer-packaged goods and industrial tools, with a goal to innovate the conventional vending machines in Malaysia.

It all started by the two founders who supply snacks vending machines in local universities to solve the hunger’s demand during their time in the university. Back to 2015, Vechnology was selling a series of imported vending machines. However, problems occur such as mechanical imperfection, system error and jammed cash & coins in the payment system appear frequently. This is where both founders took a step forward to transform the embedded vending machine into a smarter one.

Today, we are the first unified QR code, E-wallet vending machine producer in Malaysia, partnering with iPay88, the leading payment gateway which is equipped with upgradable architecture technology which enables integration with e-wallet, RFID and soon facial recognition. 

We promise to offer the superior quality of vending machines at a lower price to cater various expectations from the market continuously at the same time, as we specialise in a fully managed vending services that cover all aspects including equipment R&D, product quality and after-sales support.

Vechnology builds smart vending.
Support Vechnology here.


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