SuperfruitsValley, Chuping, Perlis.

If you can’t tell, we’re a farm that focuses on growing superfruits. But it is much more than just fruits that pack a punch.

These fruits have earned their title as superfruits because they are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health.

Starting off as farmers, we wanted to be able to provide imported fruits for Malaysians so everybody could enjoy them at affordable prices.

I guess it was a little bit like a dream of “now everyone can fly”. Nobody really believed in the dream, however we continued to persevere for 5 years.

With a breakthrough, we are proud to present Superfruits Valley that has a mission of providing 100% locally grown fruits and products. We’ve been able to cultivate figs, lemons, passionfruit, gac fruit, mulberry, cape gooseberry and fingerlimes grown pesticide free and wax free!

We are also able to turn our fresh produce into healthy products using freeze dry technology as the process helps retain up to 97% nutrients of our fruits while prolonging their shelf life. Focusing on creating high quality, sugar free and safe products, we hope to improve the health and the everyday lifestyle of Malaysians.

#FromtheValleytoyourBelly. Support Superfruits Valley here.


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